Letter to the Bus Conductor: You Took My Money

letter to bus conductor

This is the third letter in my letters series. I remember when this was suggested to me on Twitter, I thought, what would I write to a bus conductor about. Well, today I have the right thing to say.

Dear Bus Conductor,

I have never been as disturbed as I was today. Never have I been as pained to see a minibus drive past. Almost with tears in my eyes, I saw you and your minibus pass the roundabout before disappearing in the traffic. At that moment, I was taunted by the memory of the change money you never gave me back.

Let me start this from the beginning. Your minibus came as Santa on Christmas. A hero flying in to save me. You see, I started my day just alright. That was before I totally lost all senses of time due to social media. At 7:15am, I realised how late I was for work. Like a lighting bolt, I was in and out of the shower in no time. Quickly dressed and was out of the house.

I walked as fast as my two small feet could take me. No, let me rephrased that, I half walked and half sprinted towards the minibus stop. Upon arrival, I saw the true bitterness of Satan. Yes, I’m totally blaming that guy.

All minibuses there were empty and I knew I would wait a while if I got into them. But, I had no choice. However, just as my right foot was about to step in, I heard your beautiful voice scream the directions I was going to. Let’s make one thing clear, your husky voice is not beautiful at all. Just that, in that moment, it was like hearing the angels harmonise.

As I rushed to stop you, I saw you as one muscular man with a cape. For a second, I thought you were Superman.

I quickly boarded!

Just as my butt settled in did I notice that you had packed people like ants. No regard for the coronavirus guidance or whatever. Like most days, there were 3 people on seats instead of 2. I knew not to argue considering that is the new rule in my route. Like they say

If you dare oppose, buy your own car.

And I was not ready to get a taxi at K5,000 when you were charging K250 only. So, I stayed silent. When time to pay came about, I happily handed you my K2,000 note and awaited my change money.

During that time, I realised just foul your breathe was. At that time, your breath smelled like cheap cigarettes and alcohol. Your armpits smelled like a week without a bath. But, you were the only option I had and so I sucked it up. Like the big girl that I am.

Somewhere along the way, I reminded you of the money you owed me. But you had no change, so I understood. At that time, I got lost in my music and my worries of being late.

When the time for me to drop off came, I jumped off in a hurry. My small feet scurrying me to the office. It was only after I saw your minibus drive past did I remember my K1,750.

Your head was outside of the window, but you weren’t looking my way. I tried calling for you, but nothing.

I saw my money drive away. Can you imagine watching the money you heavily depended on just go like that? I felt like my money was being kidnapped right in my face. My eyes watered, right before I remembered that I was in public. And it would be difficult to explain to a kind stranger that you were weeping the last money I had forgotten in a minibus.

Words fail to express how heartbroken I am. The mere thought of my money makes me sad. I am here hoping that we cross paths soon. Cause God knows I would remind you about my money. Every single penny of it.

However, in the mean time, I hope you’ve spent it right. I hope it was just some quick buck for more cigarettes and liquor. Who am I kidding? That is probably the first thing that you bought.

Lastly, one question I can’t get off my mind is:

Was it your intention?

I am trying and hoping that it was not. Anyway, please keep my K1,750 safe for me.

Have you ever forgotten your change in the minibus or taxi? How did that make you feel. Comment below, I would love to read


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