Introducing Lou’s Letter


Last month, I made a plan to introduce a newsletter. As I was making plans on it and just preparing the outlook, I realized that a newsletter was not really what I wanted to do, I actually wanted to send letters.

One could say ‘I see no difference,’ but they are to me. Newsletters are more systematic, you want your readers to be familiar with what’s on the blog, give more information towards topics etc. However, I really wanted to send my followers letters unrelated to what’s on the blog.

So with that thought, that’s how I’ve birthed Lou’s Letters. Letters from me to you.

It is simple to get on the mailing list, all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE with your email address. No Spam etc.

The letters will be sent every fortnight, with the first one being sent on the 6th of January, which is next Monday.

If you are a fan of letters, then I would recommend that you SUBSCRIBE.

By the way, I’ll be making some changes to the blog. Don’t worry, nothing excessive, just a few touch ups to make sure it still looks as beautiful.

With love,


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