International Women’s Day 2019


Every year, on March 8, we celebrate women, the achievements we are making in the societies we live in. Through different platforms, women also discuss other shortfalls that are faced in building other women up. So, to all the women that read my blog,

This year’s theme for the day is:

Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change: Advancing the status of all women and girls in Malawi

while Internationally, the there is


Hence, in the spirit of building each other, I asked a few women on the advice they would give to their fellows and this is what they said:

  1. RINA

Never let anyone take you away from you. Learn to put yourself first, women are built to be natural sacrificers, that is the only way you can survive. People say you can be selfish and what not, but I feel that if you love yourself and put yourself first, that is the only way you can fill up your cup and you able to share with others. Because, when your cup is filled to the bream and begins to overflow, the overflow is what you share with others. So fill yourself with love, take care and put yourself first, only after that will you be able to take care of others.

2. Enelys Pemba

There is nothing which you can put your mind to and never achieve! The sky is the limit let’s work hard!!!

3. Kate

Always put a drop of vinegar in your drinking water or bathing water,it flushes out unwanted bacteria that causes the vagina to smell like fish after sex.

4. Jessica Kamoto

My advice to a fellow woman would be to never really rely on a man to provide for your needs. We are all gifted and we can work hard to upgrade ourselves and when the man is coming to you he knows that this woman can survive without me so I should support her and let her shine and also we should learn to empower one another and let the men follow in empowering women.

5. My advice

Never give anyone the power to value your intelligence, self-worth, self-control and your prowess. That power belongs to no one but yourself. Be great!

Share your stories, what have you achieved so far that you are proud of.




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