If Only I Could Meet Pearl Thusi

pearl thusi

It is Day 13 of the #WinterABC Challenge and for the past hour I’ve been deciding who I would like to meet. When it comes to African personalities, there are so many I would like to breathe the same air with. To shake hands with (although this wouldn’t be done cause Rona), dine and share ideas with. But after some time of rummaging my brain, I remembered the fangirl I am to Ms Pearl Thusi.

I first knew Pearl as Palesa Motaung from Isidingo. You know, that time when most SADC countries had free-to-air decoders which aired all SABC channels. I instantly liked her character and fell in love with her hair. Like the universe was trying to make me like her more, I discovered Live Amp, an entertain show she was hosting during the same time.

After that, I developed love for the Pearl Thusi, one that makes me crave meeting her. Here are some of the reasons why.

She’s a go-getter

Her story is very inspiring. She shows her hard work in almost every project she implements. In case you do not know, let me break it down for you. Pearl is an actor, television host, model, radio personality and entrepreneur. Her recent notable projects are Queen Sono, the first African series on Netflix, her make-up line she collaborated with MAC and her hair products known as Black Pearl.

A wonderful mother

Seeing her Instagram leaves my heart filled. She seems too beautiful of a mother and involved in her kids’ lives. She had her first daughter, Thandolwethu at the age of 20 and dropped out of varsity.

However, she has since attributed her success to her daughter, saying she had to work harder for her.

In 2018, she adopted little Okuhle, a beautiful girl with a princess smile.

Her friendship with DJ Zinhle is goals

If I wasn’t inspired by everything she does, her friendship with Zinhle would still make me love her. The support they tender to each other, the love etc is what most of us crave for our own friendships.

Pearl Thusi is one fierce woman who is not scared to share her story. I hope that one day the stars align and I’ll be able to meet her and even share a laugh. For now, here is to dreaming.

Here’s a song to further appreciate Mama Panther


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