Dead Inside

I feel dead inside

I no longer feel the sparks within me

The butterflies that floated inside me all died

Now I see you and feel indifferent

I see you smiling to other women

Touching them, being sweet to them

And my jealousy still rests

I do not remember when I fell out of love

It is sad that I did



When did we start this competition?

Trying to hurt each other in the worst way

Find satisfaction in inflicting pain on one another


When did we start this competition?

Removing peace from each other’s lives

Cracking our hearts


We were so focused on hurting each other

We left when our hearts had dried

Living each other empty and hating love


When We Met


I was excited to finally like someone

To express my ideas

Confide in someone about my fears

I was free with you

Hiding in the notion of being friends

Then we grew closer

And I raised the walls around my heart

Guarding and protecting

Fear engulfing my mind

But each time I looked into your eyes

The walls crumbled

I became vulnerable again

And each time I prayed

I hope you were the right one


Wasn’t Good

I laid, my eyes focused on the ceiling

He was trying to catch your breath

Recovering from his milestone

The orgasm still fresh on his mind

Yet in my mind, thoughts of wasted time

What use is a bog rod if it doesn’t make a horse weep?



I want to learn how to love

I want to learn how to move on from a broken heart

I want to learn how to smile with someone new

I want to learn how to see beauty in falling in love

I want to learn how to be with you

But these scars around my heart are to big to mend


My Fear

What scares me

Is how much I moved

From mere want

To needing you

And craving your time

And touch


Did You?

Did you,

Kiss her softly?

Did you,

Leave butterfly kisses on her neck

While your body slid down

Positioning your lips with her tits?

Did you, look deep in her eyes

As though searching for her soul

Before you sucked it out?

Did you, continue kissing her tummy

All the way down, reaching the river between her thighs?

Did you have her throw her head deep in the pillow

Her hands holding the sheets tight

Turning her knuckles pale while sighs and moans escaped her lips?

Did you enter her, cycling your way to find comfort?

Did you speed slowly, hastening the rhythm,

Your hands holding hers and your tongue intertwined with hers?

Did you grip her hair, while you cursed her name?

Did you do to her everything you did to me?


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  1. This is actually a great collection. I always say, you are a great poet and I mean that- uuy use your first words that come to you to express a free mind. The poetry is raw and pure. My favourite is “Did You?”- it’s emotionally compelling.

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