Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. It has the ability to build one or burning one. I decided to share how trust builds a relationship.

Ever since I broke up with my first ever boyfriend, I decided I would never be with someone I never trusted. And it has been like that till now. But sometimes, I see my friends survive relationships for days on end regardless of their lack of trust in their partners. And I’ve always asked “what gain is in the relationship if one of the pillars has been broken?”

When you venture in a new and fresh relationship, high chances are that you have assessed the person enough to know that you can actually build something beautiful with them. You have seen in them that there is a great chance of you growing love. You are confident enough to know that they will have your back just the same way you’d have theirs and that you can both be honest to each other. And each and every relationship begins like this, be it a love relationship or just a mere friendship.

So what use is there being in a relationship where there is no trust?

One time, someone on Twitter tagged me in a tweet that was to do with girls checking their man’s phone, trying to see if they were cheating or not. My answer to this person was simple,

I am not one to check my partners phone, it is against my values. Once I have the urge to check their phone, I know it is time to call the relationship quits because it means I have lost my trust in them

And while some of you might disagree, I want you to ask yourself what exactly goes through your mind when snooping around. If you’re one to snoop around, it means deep down, you have lost that confidence that your partner is 100% honest with you. It means you’re suspicious of their actions. Why would you be suspicious of someone you trust completely?

A good friend of mine who watches her man’s phone like a hawk once said, “I only do it cause I’ve been hurt before.”

A good point, sometimes when you have been burnt by someone you used to love any break your trust, it is hard to instill it in someone else. Your mind will showcase the many possibilities of a deja vu, it will give you as many reasons why the mere thought is bad.

But, maybe you should stay off relationships until you fix that flaw. Be you, be alone, mend yourself.

A relationship is all about if I fall, s/he will definitely catch me. It has no doubts because at the center of it is trust.

To those who stick in relationships with zero trust and believe an angel will save it because there is love, I need you to understand that love alone is never enough. Never enough.

I’ll end this with a question

Do you believe trust is important?

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