5 Ways to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work


Being in a long distance relationship will give you a lot of stress and anxiety. The thought of not knowing what your partner is doing or with who is punishment to the mind. Then there are those day when you are having a hard day and just need your lover to embrace you and kiss you but they are not there makes a person frustrated. I was once in a long distance relationship, we stayed in different cities but for two solid years, we made it work until the frustrations got the better of us. But during the beautiful two years, we had a system set in place that made our relationship stronger and decided to share my two cents to those who may need it most. Here are 5 ways to make a long distance relationship work.


My first advice, HONESTY IS KEY. No matter what, you always have to make sure you are honest to your partner.

5 ways to make a long distance relationship work: Honesty

This is essential for every relationship regardless of distance or not. If they ask you what you did throughout the day, be honest enough to disclose the tiniest details even if you hanged out with a guy or girl who your partner is cold to. Just be honest. Never hide anything. The worst thing is when they find out details from their friends which then makes them lose trust in you. This leads me to the second point….

5 ways to make a long distance relationship work: trust


Always TRUST your partner. Every word they say has to be trusted. It is human to give someone the benefit of doubt but with long distance relationships, love alone does not hold the relationship, trust does. Do not be controlling and over-zealous about their whereabouts, who they are hanging out with. Trusting what they say is important. Remember, the truth always comes out one day and so, if they lie to you, you will find out about it one day.


Make sure you remind your partner how much you love them every chance you get.

This always reassures the person that no matter how far away they are from you, you are still crazy in love with them or maybe even more. Don’t be that childish partner who stubbornly waits to profess their love for their partner after he/she goes first. If you love them, let them know. In fact, scream it out for the world to know, it does wonders to the relationship.


COMMUNICATE! COMMUNICATE! COMMUNICATE! You get my point. Communication is so important. Text your partner throughout the day, create an environment which makes you present to them each second. Call them mid-text just to laugh at something they said. Video call during free time just to see their face. Just be present, make them feel your presence in any way.

Then there comes a time you have to sacrifice your time and money, travel and just be next to your lover. To be honest, I think this is where we had lost everything. Our schedules just never were inline. But now thinking about, a year ago, if I had a time machine, I would go back in time just to make time and travel. The physical presence is important. Also, people tend to appreciate the smallest of sacrifices you do for them because in a way, it shows that you love them.

No matter which order you put them, they remain the essentials things that can hold your long distance relationships.

Can I hear an AMEN!!!!



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