Hello there Blogtober: What to Expect from Me

what to expect from me this blogtober 2020

Laziness once again struck me and I was on the verge of posting once a month. I have had the worst of writer’s block; my brain just couldn’t process any writing recently. In the spirit of fighting it, I have decided to join #Blogtober.

What is Blogtober?

Blogtober is a writing challenge that happens every October. The idea of it is for bloggers to post everyday until the 31st. Same way the Afrobloggers hosted the #WinterABC writing challenge in June. However, unlike #WinterABC, Blogtober has no rules. You can post on any topic you wish for.

I decided to join this year because I could not in 2019. Last year, I still felt like a newbie in the blogging sphere. All I did was salivate to blogs who were participating in the challenge. However, I had myself a promise that I would not miss it this year.

So, #blogtober family, welcome me!!

What to expect from me

I want to put a little too much focus on the lifestyle and travel parts of my blog. This month, I want to allow you inside my life, share a bit of me to you. I know I share, but this is more like the removing of the mask kind, so you can see my smudged lipstick. Kidding, or am I.

Anyway, it is summer in Malawi and the so expect posts around that too.

What I learned last year from the blogs I was reading was that a proper plan is important. So, I made this schedule for the posts to expect for the next 12 days.

what to expect from me this blogtober 2020

I really can’t wait to finish this challenge. My plea with all my readers is that you stick with me this month. Support as much as you can; read, comment, like and share.

See you every day till the month ends. X.O


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