A Story of An Underdog: Hon Everton Chimulilenji and His Luck

Everton Chimulilenji

The story of Hon. Everton_Chimulirenji has to be the most intriguing story that I have ever seen roll our right before my eyes. A story that has awed me so much, that till date, I see a photo of him and smile. A man filled with so much luck that even with 2020 seeming like a thriller, his story seems to be one of the brightest. I was so awestruck that I decidd to write the few reasons why I like the man.

I promise this will not be a long story.

Everton Chimulilenji during a rally

Malawi got to know Everton Chimulilenji in May 2019 when he was picked at Ginnery Corner by President Mutharika and was later unveiled as the running mate of HE for the 2019 Presidential election. This alone brought so many questions, as close to 90% of the country did not know this man. No one knew of his political mileage unless the few that knew of him holding a deputy ministerial seat.

What was more astonishing? When President Mutharika was declared as the winner of 2019 Presidential poll which automatically meant Chimulilenji was the Vice President of Malawi. Within moments, it became a laughing matter on different social media platforms. He become a laughing stock, and probably one of the most bullied in Malawi.

Everton Chimulilenji laughs with Mutharika at a rally

But none of that would make him not secure his bag. Never.

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Everyone can remember the national embarrassnent we felt when he spoke at the US – Africa Summit that took place in Mozambique. He goofed so badly, mixed with misconstructed statements that made him more of the joke.

His story a turn on the 3rd of February when the constitutional court annulled the 2019 Presidential Elections. This meant that the country would go back to the status quo before the May 2019 elections. Thus, Mutharika remained president, and his rival, Chilima retained his vice presidency. Chimulilenji was booted out of the vice president office.

This meant that Chimulilenji is the shortest reigning Vice President that Malawi has ever had. Cementing himself in the history books of Malawi.

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While his vice presidency only lasted 9 months like a pregnancy, it seemed that his story was far from over. And this is where his luck got so much better.

On the 24th of February 2020, Everton Chimulilenji was sworn in as the Minister of Disaster Management Affairs and Public Events. A ministry that was created just for him. It should be noted that prior to that, the magement of disaster was delegated to the Office of the Vice President.

Since his appointment as a minister, he continued to lay low as usual. It was only until the Covid-19 pandemic was declared a State of Dsaster by the President and a special cabinet was announced that many inquired why Chimulilenji was not chair. This was in consideration of the fact that his ministry is to deal with such.

Since the declaration of a state of disaster, not once has Chimulilenji taken the podium to discuss the measures that his ministry are putting in place. In fact, it might have been forgotten about his existence.

Until today! Oh yes, until today folks. Everton Chimulilenji struck again!

On the 21st of April 2020, a 40 page document was released by the Malawi Law Society which condemned the many rules and restrictions, the special committee and its leadership, and outlined the fact that Hon Everton Chimulilenji and his ministry are to head the response to the coronavirus endemic.

Yet again, Hon Everton secured a win without having to put out a fight, more so, in a war he never participated.

Each day that brings comes with a certain win for him brings me so much joy. He came in as an underdog who has been so lucky and seems to continue with a political mileage that no one ever expected him to have.

The story of Chimulilenji, or as most of us like to call him, a Dzonzi is a story that is baffling, yet intriguing.

Everton Chimulilenji meme

While I had the time, I wanted to just write all this and just appreciate the man who seems to be having a better year than most of us.

I hope you enjoyed the read. x


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