Empty poetry collection

Empty Poetry: A Collection by Louisa Msiska

Empty poetry is a collection by Louisa Msiska that explores feelings about life and love. It centers on growth and becoming a young adult. It is an all-encompassing collection with a glimpse of erotica, heartbreak, and love.

Empty Poetry

Full Moon  

It shines through the night 
Its light piercing through 
The dark skies 
Creating a glimmer of hope 
To those in dark allies 
A symbol of protection 
To those that seek it 
A beauty of the night 
To stupid lovers 
Seated on the grass 
Watching it shine


A road diverged 
Into two, equally mesmerizing 
One road, with a torn surface 
In need of remodelling and a shave 
The other, a beauty to a drunk 
With beautiful pine, and green spread 

I, standing before the diversion 
Thousand thoughts on which to choose 
The stories of each route fresh in mind 
About the beauty to the eye 
But the evil found at the landing 
Then the thorns and torn surface 
That scrapes knees and hands to those that walk 
With a beautiful farm at the landing 

I, stood before the diversion 
Drunk from the green 
I walked with my hands cherishing the pines 
My feet stepping on the grass 
A beautiful bed 
With my mind ready for what was to come 


I am happy 
Like the birds 
I am free 
Like the waters 
I am confident 
Like the trees 
I whistle tunes of happiness 
With my arms spread wide 
I scream, “This is a sweet life” 


I am not done 
Creating my history 
I am not done 
Carving my footprints in this world 
I am not done 
Shaping my legacy 
I walk with my head up 
Knowing the wisdom I carry 
Is enough to inflict change 
Watch me carry my baton 
Till I kiss the ground 

Born Empty 

We are all born empty 
Innocent and naive 
Till we walk and grow 
Till we create dreams 

Some set sail to achieve them 
Some watch by the river banks 
Some use their brains and wisdom 
Some prefer stupidity and evil 

We die full of life 
The innocence gone 
Either to be remembered 
Or to die with no footprint left 

In Between 

Two men 
Handsome as Shakespeare’s words 
With honing hearts 
Envied by a lone soul 

One woman 
Scared of love 
Enjoying the company of the men 
That seek her heart 

She tumbles in between 
Looking at a rock 
And a hard place 
Her mind undecided 

She racks her mind 
Looking for a clue 
But no light comes to life 
Stuck in between 

She tries hard 
Loving one, then loving the other 
Hoping the other leaves 
But they don’t, so she remains in between 

A Rainy Day 

With drips of water 
We stood 
Close to each other 
Eyes locked 
Lips parted 
Our heart beating a bit faster 
From both, the cold rain 
And this moment 
Our fingers intertwined 
Feeling our pulses  
Like a scene from the movie 
We both leaned in slowly 
Before our lips touched 
Tasting you with a tinge of the heavenly water 
And we stayed in the moment 
Not letting go 


Do you like the sight? 
Of my naked body 
Spread on the bed 
Waiting for you 
When you come from work? 

Do you like this? 
My lips blood red 
Between them a rose 
Awaiting a merry kiss 
To bind us 

Do you like the sight? 
My body glistening from the spilled wine 
To create a sweet taste 
To your hungry tooth 
A temptation to your mind 


He promised to be here 
Promised me a forever 
Bound in his embrace 
Drinking in his scent 
With smiles drawn on our faces 
But I woke up 
My body kissed with the rays of the sun 
With my lover gone 

Lose Myself 

Hidden in the darkest alley 
Confiding in my demons 
Praying for the end to come 
With dry tears and silent whimpers 
Torn skin and messy hair 
Somewhere in between life and death 
I lost myself  

The bitter taste of blood 
Mixed with salty tears 
All spread on my lips 
To taste the pain of the night 

The pain of skin 
Slapping skin 
Till penetration 

The pain of his hands 
Pining my shoulders 
Digging my body deep in the bed 
My bones close to breaking 

The nonstop pouncing 
And pounding 
His deep growls 
Laced with my silent screams 

To the lone house 
I screamed endless “No” 


 You are brave 
The words I tell myself 
With the scalpel laying on my wrist 

You are beautiful 
I tell myself 
As the body slowly dancing on my skin 

You are loved 
I lie to myself 
As the blood flows to make a thud on the floor 

You are intelligent 
I scream to myself 
As I gently cut more 

You are enough 
I don’t tell myself 
Listening closely to the laughs by the voices in my mind 

So, I watch 
The blood gush with no pain 
My arms shaking from the new scars 

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