EMOTIONS: A Beautiful Poetry Collection by Louisa Msiska





I loved the wrong one
He broke me to pieces
I still have tears


Letting Go

We found each other
Both in our darkest moments
Licking our old wounds
Many of those that refused to heal

We became each other's healer
Mending the broken patches
Drying the tears
Painting the colors

We found love in each other
The love we swore never to embrace
But there was happiness in us
Our love flourished

We started our own war
Fighting relentlessly
Bringing back the tears to cheeks
Putting borders in the middle of the bed

We let each other go
In the state we had found each other
In a new arena filled with darkness
With new wounds needing to be licked
Your Man & I

I fell in love with your man
Seduced him
‘Til my face was next to yours
‘Til he started questioning his love,
His loyalty, his marriage to you

I made your man mine
I made him split his heart between you and I
I made him enter the realms of hell
With the constant lies he told you
Like the countless times he was "working late"
While he was trapped between my thighs

I made your man crazy
Hopping out of the bed in the middle of night
Texting away in the toilet
While you slept alone in the cold sheets
He was meant to be holding you through the night

I fell in love your man
But each passing day
I felt my heart break
For the pain I was causing you
And the harsh reality that he would never be mine

I fell in love with your man
I refused to let go of him until I was ready
The truth comes out anyway
It came with a punch to my face
A cut on my lip and a,
"Never talk to my man again or next time it might be you in a

You wrote a poem, sweet words so divine
I read it twice, then realized it was never mine

You poured your soul to words that embraced your emotions
Touching they were, they deeply reflected your devotion
To someone that gave you no second look
Just a glance, then she was back to fantasizing about another man

Your face was masked by an unseen lace, hoping to hide your
broken tears
Your heart was a mess, pieces found in many places
But your beauty showed through the pain, your light was my
A fantasy that was coming to life

But I became the punishment to your pain
Felt the whips of your love towards another woman slap hard on
my face
Turning it red and itchy
I was the one tirelessly trying to sew your torn pieces

Those that kept breaking every time your mind channeled to her

I became an angry human, hating a woman I never knew
Envied how she made you feel
Each time your face was covered by the lace, I knew we had to be
I was tired of being the Solomon between the both of us
Alas, a day came, when it was all said, the goodbyes
And my heart shattering on the floor

I got heartbroken a few times
Then I found you
I found the love of my life


My Man

I met a man
Unlike my uptight self

He was unique
Funny in a boyish way
With crinkled smiles
Hidden at the corner of his eyes

He had a soft voice
Spoke in lullabies

He made me see the world different
My gloomy days replaced with the sun
My lazy days were less boring
The cuddling in bed

He had the right words
The right touch
That made my body shiver
Made my stomach churn

He would flick his tongue
Lick his luscious lips
Wetting them
A sinless invite

I met a man
Made me know love
Made me in touch with lust
Made me happy

He is the man
I wished for

The marvelous sight
Of water filled skin
The vanilla popping
The wet hair
Crowning your face perfectly
The slow drips of water
From your pointed tits
The closed eyes
As water hits your bosom
Cascading down to meet the natural waters
Before kissing you to your toes
With such sight
I get jealous of the water
Needing my lips to taste your creamy skin
To bite, kiss and suck
To see your eyes widen
Then shut once my tongue hits a spot
To see your hands, ever gently squeeze your boobs
Your toes to curling
Sucking air to your lungs
Through your teeth
Scared of letting a moan so loud

As I stand in my naked form
I imagine our bodies
Supported by the wall
Your arms slung over my shoulder
Your thighs tight on my torso
Deep in your waters
Showering my soul till cleansed
It Rained

I wrote this poem
With rain beating on my roof
Sitting on the window
Seeing the freedom of the water
And remembered you
Then realized I love you

Through the falling heavenly waters
I realized I was also falling for you

I wrote this poem
With your face in my eyes
I saw you in the waters
I knew I was hallucinating
Seeing you smile
I realized I missed you

When the waters met the ground
I imagined kissing you

I wrote this poem
A smile playing on my lips
You act stupid
But you are my stupid
And when we kissed
The world healed

When the rain stopped
I wondered if that is our fate too

I met you
I fell stupidly in love
I found new life


Born with a Purpose

We were all born with a purpose
Not just to breathe and eat
But to do more for the world
Find your purpose

We all get scared to evolve
To try new things
Fearing to fail, the unknown
Great men had fear, then they made it their strength

We see our friends
Seeming to have figured life out
When we are stuck in the same place for years
Hard truth, we have different timelines

We stumble and fall
Jesus fell,
But he rose again
To show us never to give up

Don’t rush your mind
Take strides
Be calm
You will find your purpose
And rise to greatness
Dear Father

On my birthday
I write a letter to you
If you still remember the year I was born
You just might know how many letters there are

I still sit by the door
Hoping that one day
You will swing the doors open
And give me a tight hug

I still hold it in my heart
That you think of me each passing day
That I am still your only baby girl
A princess made from the king

I sometimes hope,
That all these letters are messed up
By the post
Or that you have just replied to the wrong address

My thread of hope is fading
With the sympathy I get from my friends
Their eyes scream “He is never coming”
Though their lips say otherwise

I am scared to think
That maybe it is time
Time to think of you as just a sperm donor
And not my daddy

I write this with tears in my eyes
Praying that you finally reply to this
I have enclosed my address
For once be a father
To the girl you called Princess
Untitled 2

My mother
My strength
The reason I still love
But I still have daddy issues
So when you ask
“Why are you still single?”
I am looking for a man
Who can be my man
My father
But be different from my father
Until I meet such
I am fine being alone


Please be sure to comment which poem you like in the collection and any other feedback, it will be highly appreciated.

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6 thoughts on “EMOTIONS: A Beautiful Poetry Collection by Louisa Msiska

  1. Youre a beautiful writer Louisa. Loved them all but “Born with a Purpose” stood out for me. Reminds me of some words I wrote recently “Falling ain’t the issue, issue is staying down. Rise up, Stand your ground!

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