December Poetry: Love Me Enough

I have decided to write a poem a day until this year ends. Today, we begin…..


There was a time

When I loved me enough for the both of us

I did not need you to love me

I just wanted you to be there

I just needed to be held, to be kissed

To be looked at

Like you were seeing me for the last time

There was a time

When you would ghost

And I would still sit by the window

Watch the rain kiss the ground

As I patiently waited to see you

See, I missed me enough for the both of us

Then there I now,

A good time when I discovered me

Discovered what true love is

What being loved means

Discovered that I love me enough for me

I miss me enough for me

So baby, I’m moving on

Can’t be stuck to something that will never cherish the apple right in front of their eyes

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