Open Letter to Feminists: Toxic Feminism

Dear Feminists,

While the men are still talking about the #GilleteAd and discussing whether all men have toxic masculinity or not, I feel it is also important to discuss toxic feminism. But then, all views expressed are mine and you are free to agree or disagree and actually express your own views as well.

Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights and the equality of the sexes. Such equality is levied on issues such as job opportunities, land, equal pay, etc. The goal is to achieve equality economically, politically, socially, and personally. That is the reason every sex votes, women in most countries are allowed to contend for the presidency or parliamentary seats, others are CEOs of some of the world’s biggest companies and are some of the big sharks controlling economies. All because of the existence of feminism.

And honestly, all this is impressive and encouraging for any girl or boy with a dream. But then I tend to wonder, how did we happen to get it wrong?

We no longer are justly advocating for equality of sexes or women’s rights; the new wave of feminism is nothing but toxic. So, what exactly is toxic feminism? Toxic feminism is when one uses or manipulates a tool of feminism to bring down others who oppose their views. So, for example, if someone goes on Instagram and speaks badly about another person based on what they are wearing, saying, or what they do which is opposite from them and their view of feminism, then that alone becomes toxic.

toxic feminism

Those that practice such, I feel, have fallen off the grid of feminism and the goals and objectives that it stands by. We are slowly manipulating the system to incorporate our selfish interests and hatred just to make it look rational and remove the evil of it.

To make it worse, a lot of feminists have forgotten that the actual goal was to gain equality and to fully present the issues that women incur at a platform were everyone cares, we instead have decided that while women rise, then the men should fall. This is fully laced anguish, one that we should have forgiven and learned to move on from so that we progress.

The other standing issue is when feminists fight their fellow women. We need to understand that as women, it is important to hold each other’s hands and move forward together. We need to aim to see each other succeed and prosper, however, we tend to have negativity and jealousy towards one another that we will cut each other’s throats just to feel that we have succeeded. Makes me question the point of fighting for equality against another sex when our own house is not in order.

What if we reviewed our values? What if we stopped the toxic behaviors? What if we advocated without bringing anyone down?

But then again, these are only my views, my ideas, my opinions. If you happen to read, do not be quick to judge, do comment your views so that I can also understand other points of views.

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