Day 16: Recover Better on Human Rights Day


“We will not enjoy security without development, we will not enjoy development without security, and we will not enjoy either without respect for human rights

General Kofi Anan

As we conclude the #16DaysofActivism, we also aught to commemorate the Human Rights Day. This year, the day’s theme is Recover Better. And I don’t think there is anything befitting a theme as this. As we all know, 2020 as a year has been a bull. Covid-19 has imprisoned so many. Not literally, but you get it. There has been so much going on this year, and one of them is the imprisonment of the rights of the people.

Covid-19 revealed a lot this year, while also masking a lot of rights. It revealed a lot of the shortfalls in many systems across the world. From politics to health care and basic rights. At the same time, it brought the rise of intimate partner violence and all kinds of gender based violence.

This year has taken a toll on the whole world. It has punched holes that will take a long time to recover. Thus, the theme is perfect for the healing that the world needs to take.

We all have been affected. And we all need recovering and healing. So, as we hold hands and recover the mess brought by corona, it is important that we do it with human rights in mind. Every individual has the right to good health facilities, food and shelter, right to freely express themselves regardless of sex, race, tribe, political affiliation. We need to recover as a collective without discrimination.

And that can only happen if we work together and rebuild together.


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