Day 14 of 16: Using GBV for Personal Vendetta


Each year, we undertake #16DaysofActivism with hopes that it brings more awareness to gender based violence across the world. And every year, during the 16 days, more cases are brought out to the public eye. However, most times, publicized cases are often found to be flukes, which brings harm to the cause. This year hasn’t been any different. I wanted to use this space to discuss how harmful it is to use gender based violence for personal vendettas.

A lot of people that stand against GBV have learned to stand by the victim first. This is to make sure that they are not silenced. They’ve learned to created spaces that are safe enough for victims to freely speak out. Without having any fear. Hence, creating spaces for abusers and perpetrators to be called out and brought to justice.

It makes efforts infertile when others use this for their own personal gains.

Social media platforms have allowed so many voices to be amplified. It has given victims a chance to finally speak up and call out their abusers. Recently, hashtags like #Timesup and #MeToo has given many people hope.

Not only has this been able to put abusers behind bars. It also has unveiled how bad issues like sexual harassment, domestic abuse and more are happening in the world.

Unfortunately, it has also given people a chance to lie. To achieve their own personal gains through such movements. The clearest example there is is that if Amber Heard and Johnny Depp which has brought a lot of flaws of online movements.

It would be a lie if I said there’ve been no effects. One of the things it’s caused is the trust that people have on victims. Victims are sometimes not taken so seriously when they speak out. Because many have brought negative attitudes to others which further silenced those that truly need help.

More so, it puts to water the efforts put by those that tirelessly fight for victims and all their work. Most activists and their efforts are laughed upon by the masses.

It is tasteless to use a campaign so serious for your own personal vendetta.


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