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Day 6 of 16: Creatives are Crucial in the Fight against Gender Based Violence

It has been six days in the fight against #16Daysof Activism. During these past days, I have seen my fellow creatives join in the activism. All of us holding hands to help in this crucial fight. As all this has been happening, I started thinking of how important it is to use creatives in the fight against gender based violence. Truth is, using art is just as important as any campaign that can be used.

Oakley Burt described arts as highly important to education, to create a thriving society with meaningful expression, imagination and flourishing cultures. 

Any form of art serves as being educational. Be it negative or positive, it educates the society. Art breathes life in conversations about meaningful things. It also allows the easy expression of some of the most brutal topics that brings discomfort.

Creativity beyond the campaigns

Most creatives will sometimes only involve themselves in campaigns such as #6DaysofActivism due to the paid allowances. However, creativity is supposed to go beyond that. Each and every creative is meant to feel the urge to join in without any paybacks. I have been very amazed with Caroline and Tendai who have been writing daily proses on the same campaign with hopes of bringing awareness to gender based violence.

Another phenomenon is Hazel Mak, founder of Malawian Girls Rock who once said on her twitter that she founded her NGO in order to fight for girls in her own way.

At the same time, it is important for creatives to continue fighting beyond this time of the campaign. This is not a fight that is done within the specific 16 days and then we move on. It is important that we continue beyond that. Gender based violence does not start and end within the specified days. It is a virus that spreads all year round. Hence, it is important that we keep spreading the word all year round. Through writings, visual arts, music and more.

Aligning your messaging to your creative persona

As a creative, you are your own brand. You can run from it. It is therefore important to align your messaging to that of your image.

Creatives should first get informed
about any issue they want to create
content for. On top of that they should
learn how to frame the messages
appropriately. Outside content
creation they need to live in congruent
with what they are advocating for


You can not be an artist that beats your partner at home, yet come on the limelight and shed messages of solidarity to GBV survivors. Can not be on social media spreading misogynist messages, yet collaborate with programs that work for gender equality and the eradication of violence against women. It not only becomes confusing, but that is a laugh to those that are serious on the issues.

The most important point is to constantly learn and align. Make sure you do not send double messages to your audience.

My final take

As a creative, you should always know that you have one of the best gifts there is. You have the talent to convey different aspects of life in an artistic form. Inside you, there is a power to inform and educate the masses. Use that gift to help in this fight, that is all I ask.

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