Coronavirus: Things To DO During Self Quarantine

Things to do during self quarantine

Self isolation can be boring most times. If you ever find yourself with no idea of what to do as your stuck at home during this lock-down, here are a few ideas on the things to do during self-quarantine.

People in other countries that are already on lock-down will find this very helpful too, more especially if you have run out of ideas.

1. Read some books

This is the best time to really catch up on your reading. Create an account on Kindle and find the best books to just dwell in. If you have paperbacks, then find yourself a comfortable spot and just get lost in books.

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2. Clean your house

This is that perfect time to clean your whole house and rearrange some furniture. A good time to throw out all the junk that you have been holding and create space.

3. Binge watch movies and shows

Netflix and chill? Hell yes!!! Make enough popcorn, get a blankie and just binge watch all the movies and shows you have been longing for. Hopefully, the internet gets to behave.

4. Learn a new skill or course

You suddenly have a lot of free time, and if you are not working from home, then consider learning. Learn a new skill that can be added on your resume or learn a new course entirely. There are many online schools that are giving free online classes such as those offered by Harvard University or Alison.

5. Start a journal or a blog

This year has come with so many lessons, which you should note down. Before the lockdown, buy yourself a journal to fully express yourself. Or, if you have ever wanted to venture into blogging, then this is the perfect time to start your own blog and develop content. In the coming days, I will write down how you can start a blog and grow it.

6. Learn a new language

This is so essential and fun to do. Learn the language you have always wanted to speak. Make it fun and try learning it with your friends. I, for one, will be leaning Spanish and I’m excited. One of the best apps you can learn new languages is Duolingo.

7. Exercise

Just because the gyms will be closed does not mean dreams of that snatched body are closed too. Work on it at home, have a workout routine and stick to it.

8. Time to focus on your face

Time to let your face breath. Give yourself a facial, hydrate, just please focus on your face.

9. Learn new recipes

If you’re a foodie, then try new things. New recipes. Not only are you expanding your cooking skills, but you are also making a variety of food which makes it a lot less boring.

10. Make cocktails

How could I forget something so important? Yes, you cannot drink that one drink for 21 days straight. You need to mix it up a little, create a little fun with yourself and family and make cocktails.

A little break, remember to always check on those closest to you. They are also going through the same as you and checking on them will assure them that you are all in this together. Okay, more things to do during the self quarantine………

11. Write that book

For writers that keep procrastinating on starting a book, now you have all the time. Start your book writing journey.

12. Freelance online

Money will be tight, but with the many skills that you possess, why not make money online? Be a freelancer and earn money online, there are many opportunities to grab so long as you look. But for now, go ahead and sign up onFreelancer.

13. Online games

Game nights will have to shift online now. Get different apps like SCRABBLE or Word Wars to play with your friends. Or any other online games that will tickle your fancy.

14. Chat with friends

Create group calls or video calls to chat with your friends and family. This will make you appreciate that you are not going through it alone.

15. Seek online therapy

Being isolated will take a toll on many peoples mental health. So, during the time, if you ever need any assistance, read this for 22 places that offer free therapy online.

Remember to grab every opportunity that comes your way during this time. Relax yourself, but also find a way to be as productive as possible. Find a planner and schedule your days out with all the activities to do, that way you can be accountable to failed plans. Again, if you ever run out of ideas, then come check out the ideas on things to do during the self-quarantine to spark your mind.

Be safe. Spread love.


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