Lilongwe City

11 Best Things To Do In Lilongwe, Malawi

The capital city of Malawi is one of the growing cities in Southern Africa. Within the borders, it is known as the city with the money. Boosting with companies, vast numbers of hotels, lodges, restaurants and other recreational places, it truly is a city to visit. However, when you do visit Lilongwe, it always seems […]

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10 Places to Visit this Summer

Summer is one of the best seasons to travel. Be it that you are traveling with your partner, family or just with the mates, it is fun. But sometimes, you want to travel so bad but don’t know where to go. I wanted to share 10 places to visit this summer in this beautiful country. […]

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9 hangout spots in blantyre

9 Hangout Spots in Blantyre

Blantyre is a small city. Most times, it feels like it is closing you in. It always feels like you are going to the same places, and meeting the same people. And that, can get frustrating. Sometimes, you just want to go to a place that’s chilled and relaxing. Places that are perfect to hangout, […]

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10 places to visit this summer: mumbo island

The Beautiful Mumbo Island

I have been to places that have hyped my expectations on pictures, but left me angry after being there. For the first time, I visited a place that left me in awe. No picture on the internet prepared me of the beauty and vibe of Mumbo Island. And I am not mad at all. the […]

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Hiking Michiru Mountain

Having hiked Chiradzulu Mountain just a month ago, I wanted a new challenge, to test myself if I could survive another hike. So when I heard of plans to hike Michiru Mountain, I knew there and then that it was what I was going to do to pass time on my Saturday. However, yesterday came […]

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Malape Pillars: A Gem Hidden Within Machinga

I have always heard of pillars in a shape of a castle that are in Machinga, I always used to see pictures and would be awestruck. But not once did the pictures prepare me for the beauty I would see once my eyes set on the pillars. I fell in love. I saw the Malape […]

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My First Hiking Experience

It was total hell, till I reached the peak and saw ultimate beauty

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