12 Romantic Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2021: Fun Activities to Spice It Up

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This year in particular, things might be a little different. With a pandemic, there are changes that need to be done. However, that does not mean that the romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day should be forgotten. That is why I compiled these 12 romantic date ideas that you […]

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Blessings of Loving a Broken One

by Benjamin, Marvin and Louisa Imagine drinking from broken glass or eating from a broken plate, if it were to happen successfully then it would need a certain amount of care…………………………….So long as she loves in her own way, and accepts to be loved at her own pace of a broken soul I don’t care […]

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breakup thoughts

“We broke up, get over it already!”

Speeding through breakup thoughts 23/02/2020 23:15 I’m hungry, for food. But, I know it’s not hunger for physical food. I’m denying my soul the feelings I have, the pain, the heartache, the vacuum, because I am missing this man. Breakup thoughts consume me. And my heart is doing this gut-brain connection set up. My body […]

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How To Discuss With Your Partner About Abstinence

So, you have chosen to become sexually abstinent? Congratulations! That is not an easy decision, considering we are living in a time of sexual freedom and exploration. Although it is admirable, it can also be hard to fully express your decision to your partner. Therefore, this post is to give a few pointers on how […]

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10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him in 2021

Still haven’t figured out what exactly to get your boyfriend this coming Valentine’s Day? Here are 10 gift ideas for him on Valentine’s.

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Trust and How it Builds a Relationship

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. It has the ability of building one or burning one. Ever since I broke up with my first ever boyfriend, I decided I would never be with someone I never trusted. And it has been like that till now. But sometimes, I see my […]

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