why I have grown to hate my birthday

Why I have Grown to Hate My Birthday

My birthday is just a few days away, and again, I am not ecstatic about it. To be fair, I am never too excited to anyone’s birthday, but mine depresses me. IT DEPRESSES ME ALOT! To lay some evidence to that, this February has been tough for me. Going through my writer’s block and mostly […]

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12 Romantic Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2021: Fun Activities to Spice It Up

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This year in particular, things might be a little different. With a pandemic, there are changes that need to be done. However, that does not mean that the romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day should be forgotten. That is why I compiled these 12 romantic date ideas that you […]

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10 budgeting tips

10 Budgeting Tips To Help You Save Money

You are trying to save money this year. That is a great resolution to have. However, you would not be able to save much if you did not have a working budget. These are 10 budgeting tips to help you save money this year. Saving money is hard. Sometimes, it always seems like there is […]

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The picture depicts 7 ways to save money in 2021. It has gold coins and words in black and mustard

7 Ways to Save Money in 2021

Although the year has started out weirdly, I still find that saving money is crucial. One of my biggest goals this year is to save a lot. I am not too disciplined with money, and mostly spend it as soon as I make it. While trying to come up with the best way to save, I came up with this list. These 7 ways to save money in 2021 are meant to be a guide to those that also want to save this year.

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2020 recap, 2021 goals

My 2020 Recap and 2021 Goals

2020 was a shitty year. There, I said it. Not that you haven’t heard or said it before. That was something a lot of us agreed on last year. It was a crazy year. Now, I know I’m a little behind with this blog post, but I had taken a break to soak in the […]

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Welcome to My First Blogmas

It is so surreal that December is here already and I’m partaking in my first blogmas. I have been so excited about participating and now here I am. The year 2020 has been all kinds of weird. As we inch closer and closer to clocking out and entering a new year, I wanted to share […]

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letters to my younger self

A Letter To My Younger Self

This is the first letter that I am writing. This month, I will be doing a letters series. This series is meant for me to share my honest opinion on issues happening around me. Join me on this journey, let us sail together. I figured that the first one should be a letter to my […]

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