letter to bus conductor

Letter to the Bus Conductor: You Took My Money

This is the third letter in my letters series. I remember when this was suggested to me on Twitter, I thought, what would I write to a bus conductor about. Well, today I have the right thing to say. Dear Bus Conductor, I have never been as disturbed as I was today. Never have I […]

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letter to God

Letter to God: Your Church Is A Mess

This is the second letter in my letters series. I felt like talking to the creator, so this is my letter to God. Before reading the letter, press play to listen to my new podcast as you read. Dear God It is hard to believe that 2020 only has 48 days before it concludes and […]

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letters to my younger self

A Letter To My Younger Self

This is the first letter that I am writing. This month, I will be doing a letters series. This series is meant for me to share my honest opinion on issues happening around me. Join me on this journey, let us sail together. I figured that the first one should be a letter to my […]

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sometimes we love the wrong ones, most times, they leave our hearts shattered.

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