Book Review: The Falls by Ian Rankin


The Falls by Ian Rankin is the 12th novel released under Inspector Reubus series. It is the first novel I have read by Rankin and made me crave to read more of his work. To play homage to the book that made me sleepless, grabbed my soul, I decided to write a book review of it.

The Falls is a detective novel, surrounded by so much mystery with one of the best character build and conversation. The beauty of the novel is that it grabs you just by the character interactions that take place, how well Rankin explains the scenery of all the mysterious events that take place as Detective John Reubus tries to unmask the missing student in Edinburgh.

Just like the 13 novels before The Falls, the novel looks at DI John Reubus, a man who loves his drink more than life itself while on a path of self-destruction and pity, trying hard to build a new relationship while keeping the demons of his upcoming retirement plans at bay.

The Plot:

A student goes missing in Edinburgh. Phillipa Balfour, an only child of rich bankers has gone missing. The police start babysitting David Castello, Phillipa’s boyfriend.

As investigations continue, and new Chief Superintendent Gill Templer is pressured to find Flip, pressure which is extended to the whole Police department. Pressure that D.I. Reubus also feels. Amidst the pressure, 2 distinct clews are found.

The first clew is a small wooden coffin that shows up on the waterfall close to the Balfour residence. This connects with a few incidents were other coffins have been found close to crime scenes on the Arthur’s seat. A librarian then explains to Reubus about the same happening in the 1900s with Burke and Hare, making him believe there could be someone aiming at resurrecting the act.

The second clew is the computer games that Phillipa used to play. With Reubus’ lack of computer skills, let alone one to crack an internet game, DC Siobhan Clark sets to solve it all. She decides to finish the game that Phillipa was playing. Behind it all is the ‘Quizmaster’ who gives out instructions in order to finish the levels.

All throughout the book, Edinburgh is well explained, to an extent that one can have a clear visual of all the streets there.

Just like he puts the scenery alive, so do the characters. With each page, each dialogue, you see the characters walk around the pages and imagine each act clearly.

While the book centers on D.I. Reubus, it also makes it easy to fall in love with DC Clarke, a woman set on achieving all burdens in front of her.

This book made me to fall in love with Reubus, which made me to start reading the rest of the books in the series from Knots and Crosses.

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