bare soul by louisa msiska

Bare Soul: A Poetry Collection by Louisa Msiska

Bare Soul is a poetry collection by Louisa Msiska

This book is dedicated to me. For my poetic journey and having the heart and courage to share even the deepest of emotions.

bare soul by louisa msiska

welcome to bare soul

Love 💘:

I found love
In your smile
Your brown eyes
Your pure heart
I found
What my heart
Had for so long
I found you


Can I just
Hold you tight in my arms
Have our hearts beating the same rhythm
Kiss your lips
Savor their taste of love
Have our bodies embraced by our heat
Sleep peacefully
And when the rays of the first sun
Hit your face, I wish to see
Your bright eyes, Stare deeply in mine


Your body is like the night’s sky
A shining beauty filled with stars
A sight to the wise men
That pay attention with their eyes
Those that have mastered the art
Of learning about the moon and stars
They witness the life in you
Marveling at such unnatural beauty
All while praising your maker


I hate the city lights
They are distracting
They hinder natural romance
Of the full bright moon
With stars twinkling
In the dark night sky
The lights hinder us
From seeing our reflections
Printed on the moon
But I prefer the Malawian lights
That give us time to enjoy the night
To be kids and playful
To sit on the porch and just stare at the stars
The beauty, the air
And the love between us


Pleasure 🤤

I want you to lay on me
Your lips on my neck
Creating little red bites
Your breath fanning my hair
Your hands restless
Your chest tightly greeting mine
Your bulge nestled on my essence
Your legs intertwined with mine
And when you unfold me
I want you to feel my tightening walls
To feel them tighten with my every breath
To grip me in and slowly let you back out
To see earth
Ravel me tonight


Eyes closed
Mouth ajar
Sweet melodies running out
Caressing my insides
Nose flared
Taking as much air
To match the rhythm
Of your speeding heart
Twist and turns
Sheets in tangles
Bodies unrecognized
And nothing being compromised
A gentle sin
In a four-cornered room
Just us two
As evidence


Of you, swirl up my mind
Consume my thoughts
Mere thoughts of you leave me in turmoil


Of you, make me crack a smile
Makes me look stupid in places
Mere thoughts of you rebirths the butterflies in my tummy


Of you, make me breathless
Choking on my own spit
Mere thoughts of you make me blush like a rose


Of you, makes my thighs tighten
Makes a well fall from inside me
Mere thoughts about how your body is sculpted


Of you, make me sigh in content
Of how you always ask if you are hitting the right spot
Mere thoughts of you whispering dirty in my ear, pure angel’s music


Of you, of your tongue on my body
Licking and biting my flesh
Mere thoughts of what you do to me


Mere thoughts of what you do to me
Made me write this poem
Hoping the words will ease the heat between my legs

Thoughts, of you, make me crave when I’ll see you next


I want you to paint me
To fill my body
With different shades of color


I want your hands
To carefully stroke every edge
While your tongue Slowly brushes
Sending shivers down my spine
Electrifying my body
Leaving my mouth agape


I want your hot breath
Caressing my bones
While your brushes
Adds more layers of paint

Your eyes, tongue, and hands
Intricately brush my hips
Feathery kisses on my inner thighs
You paint a waterfall in them
Blue heavenly waters
My eyes glued to the ceiling
A sensation unheard

You are the painter
So, please dear sir
Let my body be your canvas tonight


It all started with one kiss
Lips crashing
Tasting the lust on our mouths
As they moulded and intertwined
Slippery like the wet lands

Then our hands started moving
Yearning to feel skin with our fingertips
And before we knew it
Our clothes were flying
Finding rest on the floor
Revealing our skin to the mint air

We couldn’t find the bed
So we laid our nakedness on the floor
I, descending slowly on you
Feeling you fill me, inch by inch
My body, engulfing you completely
Before I started to ride

So I rode
Losing you, before slowly allowing you in
To fill my body yet again
With your hands on my waist
Guiding me, helping me

And we both made sounds
Deep rumblings from your throats
Made me ride more, faster
My tiny mourns
Made you grip me tighter
When we were almost at climax
I descended my face
Allowing our lips to taste the pleasure of the moment
Before my teeth bit deep on the crook of your neck

And right at that moment
I felt you get undone inside me
I felt your juices explode
Before my own body released
Then I cramped on you
Our bodies glistening with sweat
Happiness in our cheeks


It is 2am again
You cuddle me close to your heart
Plant a wet kiss on my lips
Tugging mine in a foolish smile
You softly whisper in my ears
“I love you”
Leaving chills around my body


It is 2 am again,
When our naked body
Enjoy peaceful intimacy
Before we begin the


It Is 2am Again
It is 2am again
Our faces glowing from the aftermath
Of intense lovemaking
Our breathing still fast, trying to heal


We begin our playful pillow talk
A smooth conversation between lovers
Filled with flirtiest moments
Playful caresses and love bites


We indulge in intimacy
While mindless discussing our futures
We do it with love and affection
Our eyes shining with appreciation


It is 2am again,
When the whole world around us is asleep
And I am one with your soul and body
Hearing our heart beat the same rhythm


You tighten your grip on me
Not wanting to let me go
For I am yours, just as you are mine


We fall asleep soundly
Knowing we have these blissful moments
Just between us


Remember the greatest story ever?
Of Adam and Eve
In the garden Eden
Naked to the night’s sky
Embraced in fear
Intrigued with the sight,
That lies to their naked eyes

Perky breasts on her chest
While his flat as the earth
The protruding branch below his navel
While she, a flowing water
The heat in their bodies surreal
The arousal unknown
Everything ending in trial and error

The touching of lips
Tasting the apple dance on their tongues
The tingling of their tummies
His need to be inside
Her need to feel him
And so he searched for a path
He tested the waters with his tongue
Lubricating, readying her for a task unknown

Before he slid, creating a mans’ first position
Their breath hitched, their bodies dancing
All the while singing the angel’s anthem
They learned of pleasure and pain
They unmasked an apple in the soul
They sang till their voices got lost

In the Garden of Eden
All that was created celebrated
Man’s first invention
Belly Dancing
A swing left
A swing right
Before picking up pace
She goes low
Her knees almost kissing the ground
Before rising, like a goddess crawling to the sky
Her eyes glued on him
A warning of what she can do
To his slow limbs

Her body
Dripping of water
Accentuating the glory of her hips
As they swing
Left and right
Dazing him
The Seeds
Digging the earth
To find the most manure soil
To plant these seeds of gold
That will make the world rich
To the thousands of men
Made from his groin


Life ⏳:

I miss being a kid
Splashing mud onto clothes
Dancing naked in the rain
Running mad and wild
I miss being young
Having endless dreams
Having no worries about bills
That was freedom
I was Free
Funny, I wished so hard to grow
Just to grow and wish
And wish I was 9 once again


I have been rushing the time
Always looking for immediate
Than later
My mouth speaks “right now”
When I need to sit and chill
Couldn’t understand
Right time
Right place
Right one
Right love
Until I met my one
You became my right price
At the right time
A gem hidden at the right place
Offering nothing but the right love


I have been trying to pray
Countless times,
Lord, I have been trying
To pray
To start a conversation with you
But these sins on my shoulders
They are my embarrassment
The living proof of my weaknesses
I blame it on the devil
But deep down I know it is my fault
I fell for his smile that smitten my heart
Put myself on his leash
I went astray from you
So Lord, I have been on my knees for long
Cracking my brain on how to start this
Conversation of a lifetime


I am a black woman
My skin,
A history of my ancestors
Of their tears
Their pain and sorrow
I am a black woman
A mother to future generations
A daughter of past generations
A child of my continent
I am a black woman
Often characterized
By my strands, curly and thick
And hard to comb
By my eyes, wild and big
By my lips Luscious and juicy
By the pitch of my tone
By my blossoms
That can feed nations
By my thick thighs
Wide hips
That swing and swerve
And leave men praising
I am a black woman
That is discounted by my physique
And when I do speak
They tremble at my intelligence
They tremble at the power of my voice
They tremble at my confidence
I am a black woman, I am beautiful


Darkness 😞

I felt lost
Lost friendships
Lost love
Lost happiness
Living in a gloomy mind
I lost someone
I just felt lost
I am lost


I feel chained to a rock
Drowning slowly
I scream out for the world
Then suddenly remember
My outcries rest on deaf ears
I forget how to breath
Try to touch the air
But I am surrounded by loud noise
I feel myself sinking deeper
Tear roll down my cheeks
My fears,
Suddenly catching up with me


I was given a seed
I cradled it in a bed
Safely planted it in gold
Watered it with my love
It grew beautifully
Till the heavens cried blood
Killing my plant before it bloomed
Before I saw the beauty it would be
He gave me his seed
To bury carefully in me
To nurture and love
Now we are lost of words
A small bump with nothing
All gone, all gone, all lost


I am slowly becoming a ghost of myself
Walking in a ghost town I do not know
An awkward silence bestowed on the streets
A swishing sound of the passing winds
Ghost houses erected, but no one insight
My steps echoing miles away
Hurting my ears till they break from the sound
My eyes searching for a glimpse of familiarity
A speeding heart, racing out of my body
My mind playing pictures from the horror movie
I no longer know myself
I no longer know my name
All that is left from my past
Is the shell of the body
That I drag along as I walk


As she laid in her
Four cornered box
With her eyes closed
A small smile
Playing on her pink lips
A tinge of blush
On her chubby cheeks
Her shoulders down
Her hair messily spread
On the small pillow
I could not suppress
The inert feeling
That she was now
Fully happy
Finally resting
From all the world’s problems
She found peace
And I finally rolled a tear goodbye


You are allowed to be lost
To feel anger, pain, despair
You are allowed to cry
To let all your emotions out
You are allowed to feel alone
Have gazillion friends on your chat
But still, feel buried in the sand
You are allowed sadness
To unmask yourself and live the true you
Never think otherwise
We can’t always be happy


The voices
They live in my head
They deprive me of my peace
They are the cause of my panic
They constantly torture my worth
They devalue my confidence
They tell me sweet words of suicide
They constantly scream
When I dare scream back
They calm and come back in millions
They are the reason for my pain
I no longer see the good in me
Because of their constant nasty words
They murmur loudly between themselves
“Such a disgusting human”
“How can one be so ugly”
“She deserves no life”
“She is a waste of air”
They have so many times
Told me to die
They have ruled me to cut
My skin, in small beautiful flowers
They have made me taste my blood
I no longer sleep
They have taken my nights too
When I dare tell people around me
They do not believe, they are in constant denial
Which makes the voices laugh at me louder
There is no savior to this torture
Until death takes me for an endless walk


Look at your face,
Sweet boy
Beauty defines it
Even in your sleep
Oh, look at your body,
Sweet boy
Adorned in the finest suit
That hugs your body
In the right places
My my, look at you feet,
Sweet boy
They wear the finest shoes
Black and shiny
Like a black diamond
Look at your face, Sweet boy
It wears a gentle smile
As if saying
“I know you are checking me out”
But also a sad smile
As if saying
“Checking me out for the last time”
Look at you, Sweet boy
As you lay in a casket so white
And beauty so light
Ready to be buried
Six feet down the ground


Break 💔

I’m Sorry
I am sorry
I never gave you
The privilege
To see me naked
I masked my face
Heart, soul, mind
I hid myself behind
The makeup
Hiding my nasty
Scars that always
Leave people disgusted
I shied away from the light
During our moments
Of intimacy, making sure
To not turn you off
I have painted my smiles
On my face, hiding away
My brokenness, my shambles
I am sorry I never trusted you enough
With myself


Your side of the bed is cold
It is untouched
It is scentless
It no longer carries soul
The dresser no longer holds your perfume
Neither does it have your misplaced lotion
Your special hairbrush
It doesn’t
The wardrobe still is empty one side
I no longer see your fancy clothes
Your scattered shoes
Your dirty jeans
I still have your mug cup
The one I bought you last Valentine’s
I still wear your shirts at night
I still smoothen your side of the bed
With hopes of being able to touch your body
Instead of the cold sheets
heart is still empty
It still longs for you
Please come back to me


I found heartbreak
From a man
He claimed he wasn’t on earth for long
Proclaimed that his days were numbered
He said not be loved
That he was undeserving
He claimed he was no man
Rather, a mine awaiting the miners
That tear the earth craving for gold
For the riches
He said he had no life
The life he had was borrowed from farmers who needed to harvest
He blamed his beautiful skin
His golden hair
His squinting eyes
He hated his life
But I still fell in love
Anxiously so, but his soul left me no choice
Until the miners arrived
Tearing his body limb by limb
Hope in their eyes
Of a fancy life, cars, and wives
While my heart lay broken like his body
Lifeless and cold


What’s the point,
Of loving someone I never intended to keep?
What’s the point,
Of trusting someone
Who lies through their teeth?
What’s the point,
Of having someone I never dreamt of?
What’s the point, Of wanting someone
Who will never want me?
What’s the point, Of you?


I want to
Be with you
Till the end of times
If only you let me


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