A Typical Day in My Life

a typical day in my life

In my quest to share a bit more of myself to you, i thought to share how a typical day in my life looks like. Like I said here, #blogtober has given me the chance to share myself to you. So, I want to take you through a typical day in my life.

Mind you, if you expect something perfect, then you won’t find it here. Cause we don’t do that here. LOL.


My Morning Routine

My alarm goes off at 5:00 am so I can go for a run. Even I know how bad of a lie that is.

First of, I do not have an alarm, I totally depend on my body clock. Recently, my body clock has been set on 5:30am. That is when sleeping beauty, i.e ME, flatters her eyes open. Unlike sleeping beauty, I don’t sit up, yawn then go about the day.

I wake up at 5:30 am. 10 minutes is dedicated to the ancestors, where I question them why I’m waking up so early. Then I give a quick prayer to the Big Guy, thank him for a new day. What proceeds next is a 30mins of checking my Twitter, to catch up on who Twitter Malawi decided to bully while I was asleep.

Around 6:10am, I rise from my bed. Mostly due to my mum’s banging of doors, pots or anything near her. See, that is how she wakes me up. A typical African woman.

That is the time to do a few chores. Tidy up the house, do dishes if they were done the previous night. Stash away beer bottles etc. So normal.

I make sure to get a shower at 7am. Within 5mins, I’m back in my room for lotion and to get dressed. No, I do not wear makeup, so this routine is quick as hell. The makeup time is allocated to me sitting on my bed, gazing at clothes and not being sure what to put on.

I make sure to be out of the house by 7:30am. I walk to the minibus stage to board one to my workplace. On a good day, you find one waiting. But considering schools have opened, we have to fight to get into one. I literally mean wrestling, and I like to think I’m John Cena cause they never see me board. Which means also spending an extra K100 as bus fare.

My Day Routine

This is where my life gets boring. I work in the accounts department, which means looking at numbers the whole day. I probably get called 100 times by the boss, which somehow has made me hate my name. I know, that sounds weird, but it gets annoying always hearing your name being screamed out.

My lunch break is normally from 12:00 till 13:00. Only on Fridays does my lunch extend till 14:00, and I’m mostly prompted to sneak in a glass of wine. On a normal day, I go out for lunch with a friend and my colleagues. Then we sit under a tree and hear funny stories from my old colleagues. My major highlight of the day are the stories. I have made threads of some of them on my twitter too.

My afternoon is often filled with me on my laptop, trying to balance work and my blog. There is nothing as good as blogging with the office internet. Just don’t tell my boss.

I knock off at 17:00pm, and again go to the nearest stage to board a minibus home.

My Evening Routine

I get home and the first thing I do is start making dinner. Most days, I will crack open a chilled beer while I’m cooking. If not, then I’ll make black tea.

After dinner, I’ll normally do the dishes immediately. But on days when I’m awfully tired, I let them be to be handled the next day. I will shower, before launching myself in bed. Then I’ll have an hour to my phone before succumbing to sleep.

Like I said, it is not an as interesting. But in the spirit of sharing more of myself to you, I thought to do this.

What is your own daily routine? I’d like to hear, so comment down below.


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