A Letter To My Younger Self

letters to my younger self

This is the first letter that I am writing. This month, I will be doing a letters series. This series is meant for me to share my honest opinion on issues happening around me. Join me on this journey, let us sail together. I figured that the first one should be a letter to my younger self. This is what I wish I knew when I was younger.

Dear Louisa,

You will probably not read this. You are bad with reading, that is why you never maintained a penpal. Are you wondering who this is? I could say, I am you, just a little 10 years older. This is not to scare you about the future, this is just advise you should have. One that could be of great guidance as you grow older.

Honey, as you grow, always be bold. You have been exactly that since you were a baby, don’t lose it. There will be times when you will doubt yourself. Times when life will take a toll on you. And sometimes, the risks will seem way hard for you to handle. Always be bold. Take the risks as they come, swiftly. Work to your fullest potential. They will be so rewarding.

Dear younger self, please learn to forgive…

I know the world hasn’t been the kindest to you. In your heart, you hold so many grudges. You have been hurt so much by the people that were meant to protect you. Baby, you will have to learn to forgive and let go. Open your heart to them and enjoy the love they have for you. Be that daddy’s girl and just learn to love.

As you are learning to forgive, also learn to control the pressure. Being an only child is not easy I know, but don’t let it be your downfall. The world might pressure you to do a lot, in so little time. Take your time, the doors will open at the right time.

Dear younger self, the cigarettes will come and go….

You might be rolling your eyes at this. But, soon enough, you will be introduced to the drinks and the smokes. It is inevitable. And for a while, you will mask your depression and demons in the bottle and drag. I would love to tell you to avoid them if you can, but it is an experience to have. I just can’t wait for you to fall in love with brandy and beer.

As you grow, learn what you are about the things that you’re passionate about. Then, grow your skills in them. A gentle reminder to never second guess your abilities.

Dear younger self, you will be sexually harassed…

You might be too young to understand this. However, I need you to know that the world is cruel, especially to girls. You might meet people who will openly prey on you. This might be cause of your age and your naivety. At the time this will happen, you might not see a fault in it. You will most likely not see yourself as a victim. But as always, stand your ground!

Standing your ground will not always be easy. It might be the very reason you lose so many friends. Many will not understand that your past has been rough and has taught you lessons while still young. However, this should never move you.

Dear younger self, open yourself to love

Another eye roll, gurlll you have to take it. I know, you have already cursed off marriage and love. But it is inevitable, you will fall deep in love a few times. Although they will come with the worst heartbreaks, still choose love.

And no, you can’t have kids at 18. Literally.

Dear younger self, you will walk on thorns. Don’t lose hope, keep pushing. It will take a while to see tangible achievements, just always believe in yourself. You should always be your number one fan, and the world will follow. Remember, you don’t want to die like a bird, strive to leave a mark that the world will remember.

Yeah, another eye-roll. Naughty girl.


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