5 Songs on my Special Playlist

5 songs on my special playlist

Music is a universal language. It has the ability to unite people. And sometimes, music hits your heart and it sticks. We all have had relationships that were defined by a song, and once it is done, you start despising the song. It is natural. I wanted to share these 5 songs on my special playlist.

5 songs on my special playlist

Before I start, let me say this. These songs have kept me afloat. They symbolize different emotions which some are good, while other totally terrible. Without further adue.

1. Lawi – Therere

This was the first song I heard when Sunset in the Sky was released. It is a song that appreciates the efforts a mother does to make sure her children are taken care of, regardless of how little they have. And that always hits home, becomes it reminds me how special my mum is and how supportive she is of me. I cannot remember the many times I have made her listen to this song, a gift from me to her.

Listen to Sunset in the Sky here

2. Dawson – If I

Once upon a time, I used to manage this talented artist by the name Dawson. Each time I listen to this song, it reminds me of the breakthrough we had as a team. In 2017, Dawson was nominated for the AFRIMAs and that was one of my proudest moments. I had never told him that I had submitted his work to the body, so the nomination was a huge surprise. This nomination opened so many doors, including one that led him to performing at the Lake of Stars.

3. Frank Ocean – Nature Feels

The song that initiated me to erotic poetry. I remember my virgin self listening to this song and thinking “Damn, this is art.” It made me want to explore that writing sphere. And man has it made me write a lot of nasty, beautiful poetry. nostalgia, ULTRA by Frank Ocean is by far the album that inspires me to write, but this song particularly moves my insides.

4. Jhené Aiko – The Worst

This is my ultimate sad song, even during times when it does not involve a breakup. The emotion displayed in this song is amazing and just gets me. Probably the one song that is overplayed in my phone.

5. Labrinth – Jealous

There are too many memories and people that have left my life which I ended up attaching them to this song. I made explain further, but let’s let the past rest.

I hope you have enjoyed these songs. Now it is your turn, which songs do you find special to you? Comment below


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