5 Apps Every Blogger Should Have

5 apps every blogger should have

Bloggers or content creators in general always focus on the content they are producing. However, there is more that is needed to make sure your content appeals to the right audience. If you are a blogger, it is more than the words. Cause after writing, you need people to read your blog. So, naturally you become a designer, marketer, and more. And all these are easy when you have the right apps on your phone. After 2 years of blogging, I wanted to share with you 5 apps every blogger should have. Scratch blogger, every content creator must have.

The apps I am about to share will help you with promotion, design and more.

5 apps every blogger should have

1. WordPress

This is a must have for every blogger. You always will need the wordpress app. It works like your notes app, perfect for each time you want to write on the go but don’t have access to your laptop. Although the app is limited to the functions you can access, it still is important.

2. Facebook

A lot of my blog’s success is largely attributed to Facebook. It is one of the apps to use for blog promotions. Not only do you market your blog to your friends and family, you can also use the many groups available. There are so many bloggers communities available. They normally run Read 4 Read which can help you grow traffic and opens up collaboration opportunities.

3. Twitter

My favorite app, let me take this time to appreciate Twitter Malawi for the support. Anyway, Twitter is another great up to use for gaining traffic. All you need to do is know how to use hashtags and make use of blogging communities like Afrobloggers and Malawi Bloggers. Such communities will help promote your work, but also help you network with fellow bloggers.

4. Canva

I’m no designer, but this app has kept me well. All of my blog banners and promotional materials are done on Canva. You don’t need to have any graphic designing skills, the app has many templates that you can choose from.

5. Pinterest

Another great marketing tool. Pinterest is more than an app that people look at pictures, it has the ability to get you thousands of traffic if used right. Learning Pinterest SEO is important so that your pins can rank high and get viral. However, it is important that you learn the changes happening to the app. Considering they are trying to remodel it into one that acts like Instagram. By that I mean, they are trying to make engagements be within the app and not let it be much of a referral. Unless if your has access to stories.

However, these are 5 apps very blogger should have. But like I said, these are apps that every creative should have. Be it a vlogger, podcaster, marketer etc. These apps will change your life.


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