4 Lessons Learned on Social Media


I have had access to social media for 8 years now. Have seen so many sites come and go. From Mxit and the horny Indians. MySpace which gave us so much talent. Facebook, Twitter and more. Sometimes, I see my Facebook memories and die with laughter because of what I would write ages ago. And I see the growth that’s been there. Like they say, growth comes with lessons and every wise person grips to them. Here are 4 lessons learned on social media which I find vital.

I am very active on Twitter, and so most of my examples might be based on that.

1. You are who you portray online

I find it funny when I see people have in their bio “I am not my tweets.” At first, I used to be naive and give them the benefit of the doubt. But as time lapses, I noticed something. Most people that will deny their own involvement in what they put online are usually bullies, who shame and troll others for no reason.

It is either we have so much people with undiagnosed multiple personalities or just plain cowards. People who never want to take accountability for their actions and the consequences of them. Denouncing what you are online and in actual person seems far-fetched.

And the lesson has always been to stay clear of such people.

2. Pictures do not depict reality

If we were to take everything that social media comes with, we would think we are failures in our lives.

Everyone smiles in their pictures, they show their good life. You sometimes see pictures and assume most of your peers are doing so well in life. But sometimes, just sometimes, that is not the reality.

Instead of envying, focus more on YOU. Do what’s best for you and your future. Do not be swayed, you do not know what’s the reality like.

3. Social media is a land of opportunities

Damn right. Social media is a land of opportunities for those that see.

In 2019, it was said that close to 2.95 billion people use social media worldwide. If you are a business owner, you have that amount of people you can reach your business to.

I have seen so many strive. I have seen people find jobs, partner, grow and more on social media.

4. Be careful who you trust

I am one person that will gladly say I’ve made a number of friends from social media. My best friend and I met on Facebook.

However, you need to be very careful of who you trust online. There are awful people hiding behind these accounts you interact with. Scammers, pedophiles, psychos and more. You ought to be careful.

I remember once watching discovery channel and seeing a case of a serial killer who targeted girls on Facebook.

I could write so many lessons that come with social media that we ought to take note of. I hope you enjoyed these 4 lessons learned on social media.

What are some of your own lessons, I would like to hear them. Comment below.


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