3 Things African Content Creators Should Avoid


Content creation is something that is both a beauty and a curse. The beauty of it in the African continent is that we are able to share the beauty of Africa to the world. No longer are we waiting for tourists to be our voice, we are owning that. However, there are some things one would hope that African content creators would avoid. And I will not spare myself while at it.

Digital content creation is an art, and we need to see it as such. I wanted to say this statement this early, because it will shape how you see everythimg that I will say below.

1. Find your own voice

I have noted that most times, we tend to use the voice of others to create our content. This is so wrong. When I started blogging, I was subjected to this. Most times I looked at what others were doing in the region to shape my own. I would check how they wrote their articles and thought I should do the same. But as days past, I noticed I was not being authentic.

Authenticity is very important in content creation.

You need to find your voice. Finding your voice is important because it differentiate yourself from anyone in your niche. Your voice is what attracts people to your art. Even without having your name written on a piece of art, article, poem etc, they need to see you in it.

2. You need to respect your art

Like I said, content creation is an art, and you need to respect it. By that, I mean, do not wait for people to gain respect of your art before you do. Respecting your art will give you confidence and guide you into valuing it’s worth.

A great example I have on the tip of my brain involves Malawian content creators. Most times, people and organisation take advantage of them and we let them. This is because we often think, it is better to just sell it to whoever bids, without thinking much of the foregone value.

Respecting your art also means, buying followers or bots to increase numbers is you disrespecting yourself. When you buy followers, you are creating an empty room of ghosts. You have people following you but not liking whatever you put out.

Again brethren, I say to thee:

Authenticity is important in content creation.

3. The power in consistency

This is when I roast myself so hard, because I have this disease.

Before the #WinterABC blogging challenge begun, I was the worst person to be consistent. I wrote when I felt like it. But we need to understand the power in consistency.

Being consistent with content creation helps retain followers. But we often forget this. We create when we feel like we should, when our laziness has escaped our bodies. But we need to change that.

Am I speaking to your soul? Amen

So, my African brothers and sisters, these are 3 things that content creators need to avoid. We could grow, we can grow, but we need to learn what to leave behind in order to grow.

What are your suggestions? Leave them in the comments below.


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