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24 Important Life Lessons Learned in 24 Years

I just turned 24, and boy do I have mixed feelings. It is crazy that I have been on this earth for 24 years, feels like a long time. As usual, when my birthday is near, I undergo a journey of self-reflection. I made that a thing at 18, just something that helps to reflect if I am on track with my goals. Therefore, with that same spirit, I thought to share the 24 important life lessons learned in 24 years.

24 Important Life Lessons Learned

24 important life lessons learned are….

1. Always SMILE

Smiling has such a great effect on you. A smile will make you feel so good about you in many ways than none. At the same time, a smile will help others also feel better, it truly is an angelic act. Plus, a smile on the face will add a lot of beauty.

2. Let go of the control

It is fine to be a control freak, I know that because I am a perfectionist. But, there are times when you need to let loose and let go of the control. It is important to learn the situation and assess if your capabilities are adequate. And when there is need for others to help, let go of the control. You won’t die, maybe a little.

3. Never be shy to ask questions

Ask as many questions as you can, not only do you learn but others do too. Ask as many questions as you can, this is how you acquire knowledge. One of my favorite quotes says

the key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning. For by doubting, we are led to question, by questioning we arrive at the truth.” – Peter Abelard

24 important life lessons

4. Start living

Constantly reading that “life starts at 40” was so wrong. Life start when the hell you want it to start. Why should you wait till you are 40 to start living your best life. Make efforts now and live the life you wish to live while you can.

5. Network, Network, Network

In the world we live in, having networks is so important that it would be a crime not having some. So, each chance that you have, make sure to build relationships. And not any other kinds, those that will be fruitful. Build meaningful relationships, this perhaps is by far the most important lesson.

6. Less good friends, more GREAT friends

This is quality vs quantitymore of a situation. Do not work on having good friends that you can hang with and have a good time with. However, find a few great friends, those that will be there during the good and the bad. Those that will break you, yet mold you to being the great person you are.

7. Failure is good

There was a time when I would get depressed because of failing. Failure to me meant the end of the road, up until I completely changed my mindset. I started seeing failure as a learning tool, would even be excited when I failed. Although my perfectionist mind would itch.

More so, it is important to own up to your failure without having the need to blame others. Yes, I used to play actively in the blame game, but owning up to them will open up ways you can improve.

lessons learned

8. Invest in what you are passionate about

Writing has been a love of mine for a while now, which is what led me to blogging. Slowly, I become very passionate about blogging and so far, the biggest pride of mine was investing in it. Investing in knowledge by taking blogging courses etc, just to make sure I was good at it. Work on your passions, find ways to make them pay off and be happy.

9. Gratitude journals will make you appreciate life

Ask yourself this question “how many times do I dwell on my problems?” Then ask yourself the times you actually think of all the things you are grateful of. I bet you a dime that you probably dwell of your problems way more than you are grateful of all the good things in your life. I find it important to journal about all the small things that are good. The small wins. Write them all down, it will make you appreciate life more.

If you cannot buy a journal, I recommend the following apps:

10. Your body is a temple

I have not been the kindest person when it comes to taking care of my body. I often used to not eat, at best survived on dinner and a few snack during the day. My water intake was very low, add that to the many years of smoking cigarettes. I really just did not care much. Till I realised that the same canvas I am mistreating is the one I will need for a long time.

Now, I am treating it as the temple that it is. Vitamins, water and some rope jumping.

11. Be wary of your mental health

If you ever feel depressed, anxious etc, any issue with your mental health, I am pleading with you to work on it while you can. Talk to someone, a friend, pastor, therapist. Just anyone. It is not easy going through it alone.

12. Wise people do not always have grey hair

I say this because I have met gems of people who have shared their wisdom which is far beyond their age. Someone once said that wisdom does not come with age, but rather with experience. And that is the wholesome truth.

So, do not discriminate, have time to talk to different people, from different backgrounds and cultures. You will be amazed the knowledge you will acquire.

13. Being selfish is not a crime

Work on you darling. It is not a crime being selfish at times, you always need to have your best interests at heart. The times you allow yourself to be selfish is the time that is used in nurturing and finding love with you.

From time to time, find that chance when you can be selfish with your time and just fully work on you.


14. Allow yourself to be vulnerable

This is still my work in progress, but a lesson learned anyway. Sometimes when you are hurt, you tend to numb your feelings just so it never happens again. While it all is to protect the heart, we tend to lose out on amazing people and things. So shed off the great wall you have built a little, allow others in. Share your vulnerability, and you could find the truest happiness within.

15. Be your biggest supporter

No one will ever cheer you up like you ever will. Be confident in who you are, cheer yourself and you will find others doing the same. Never comprise on the person that you are just to appease another person’s esteem.

16. Toxic people gotta go!

Never entertain anyone who is toxic in your life. Let them go, no matter how hard it seems to be.

17. Set targets, goals, milestones

Setting personal targets and goals is the best way of keeping track. You do not want to sway from what you want to achieve. So make sure that you write it all down. Set weekly targets, monthly and yearly goals. And later, go back to see if you achieved all that you set out.

18. Share your story

I am a firm believer that we all have a story to tell, one that can impact another person’s life. Share it, let it be an influence on another person.

19. Explore

The world is too beautiful not to be seen. I know travelling can be expensive, but you can start locally. Explore your city, or country. Just explore and see all the sites that are too beautiful to exist.

20. Financial literacy will save your life

Be open to learning about how to manage your personal finances. Start saving, the amount you choose does not matter. Be careful on what you spend on as well.

P.S. The next few lessons are ones that are very crucial to my life.

21. Explore your body

Most people are too ashamed to explore their bodies and would rather do things which works for their partners. I learned that I need to liberate myself and explore my body to learn what works and doesn’t. And this is something I’d advise everyone who is sexually active. Explore your body fully with no compromise.

22. Your email should become your favorite platform

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, those used to be the platforms I would monitor like a hawk. When I wake up and the last thing I did before bed was checking one of those platforms. Till I realised that I was missing out on so many things that were crucial because I was constantly neglecting my emails.

Emails have to be your life. So many opportunities are lost because many only check their emails only once or twice a week.

23. It is okay not to be okay

Cry when you have to, release those emotions baby. Sometimes the world throws so much bullshit at once and a good crying session is all that we all need. This goes out to men too, no one expects you to be strong all the time, let it out.

24. N

And when you are done, pick yourself up and kick the world in the arse because you can.

I hope that these 24 important life lessons will give help you in your life like they have helped me. I won’t lie and say that I am perfect, but with each lesson learned means room to improve. And I am improving.

There are way more than 24 lessons learned, but so little time to share them. But I wanted to share these right before I start getting my many birthday naps that I have planned.

Share me some of your own lessons below, will be glad to read and learn other new things.

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  1. Wow I really like these tips. It’s easier said than done to let go of control but I’m working on it. Thank you!

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