Day: June 3, 2021

creatives and ego

Creatives and Big Egos

What’s one the one thing you think of when you hear Kanye West? Let me take a wide guess, you’re probably thinking in lines of: G.O.A.T, Insane, Egoistic and Kim Kardashian You just rolled your eyes on the last thing, but it did come up in your head subconsciously. Anyway, the point is, Kanye West […]

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creating art during the pandemic

Creating Art During The Pandemic

As the pandemic has raged on, one has to think of how it has been to create art during the pandemic. We are still in Creative’s Week, actually just Day 2 of Afroblogger’s #WinterABC challenge. One of the things I felt was important to share was my perspective of how art has helped many during […]

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