Day: December 1, 2020

Welcome to My First Blogmas

It is so surreal that December is here already and I’m partaking in my first blogmas. I have been so excited about participating and now here I am. The year 2020 has been all kinds of weird. As we inch closer and closer to clocking out and entering a new year, I wanted to share […]

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that's child abuse

Day 7 of 16: That’s Child Abuse

It is the seventh day of #16DaysofActivism and today thought of talking about the abuses that children go through. This in particular is sad for me, because I know many children go through it. Some cases might be known to us, while others suffer in silent. Child abuse is the harm brought on children sexually, […]

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creatives and gender based violence

Day 6 of 16: Creatives are Crucial in the Fight against Gender Based Violence

It has been six days in the fight against #16Daysof Activism. During these past days, I have seen my fellow creatives join in the activism. All of us holding hands to help in this crucial fight. As all this has been happening, I started thinking of how important it is to use creatives in the […]

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Day 5 of 16: My Dressing Is Not The Reason

It is tiring to always be told that girls and women are constantly violated because of how they dress. On the fifth day of #16DaysofActivism, I wanted us to discuss this crucial point. As a society, it is time we stop justifying violence by bringing up how one dresses. What is victim blaming? Victim blaming […]

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Consent is Key

Day 4 of 16: Consent is Key

Consent can be defined in it’s easiest form as the permission or agreement to do something. And this, is very important in any sexual relationship. As we continue with #16DaysofActivism, I wanted us to reflect on the importance of consent. What is Consent? Like I said above, it is the permission given to do something. […]

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