Day: June 29, 2020

Fighting for Migodi: All You Need to Know

It has been a few days since people in Limbe, a town in Blantyre, started fighting for Migodi. And most people are unsure what they are fighting for, or how lucrative these “migodi” are. Having tweeted a thread of this issue yesterday, I wanted to share more knowledge on migodi and how they are run […]

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5 songs on my special playlist

5 Songs on my Special Playlist

Music is a universal language. It has the ability to unite people. And sometimes, music hits your heart and it sticks. We all have had relationships that were defined by a song, and once it is done, you start despising the song. It is natural. I wanted to share these 5 songs on my special […]

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coping with loss and grief

Coping with Loss and Grief

Grief is one of the most emotionally draining processes one can go through. Grief is what comes after loss. When you lose someone or something of significance to your life, it is natural that you will grieve for it. It is the healing that everyone hopes so, as to when that happens, no one can […]

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