Day: June 15, 2020

5 Malawian proverbs

5 Malawian Proverbs I love

Malawian proverbs are mostly funny but carry important meanings. They are used at weddings, funerals, initiation ceremonies and more. Recently, the young people of Malawi have been more interested with the proverbs due to Vice President Saulos Chilima using them frequently during rallied. Here are 5 Malawian proverbs that I love and their meanings. P.S. […]

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4 Social Media Accounts I Follow

It is day 11 of the #WinterABC Blogging Challenge and yet I’m stuck on Day 9. But catching up is way easier than totally giving up. Let me share with you the 4 social media accounts I follow and why I completely love them. 1. King of the Dot Entertainment This is probably my favorite […]

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Of Favorite Brands and Ambassadorship

I have quite a number of favorite brands and a number of them that I would like to work with. This is me manifesting for my future and hoping one day I can creatively work with them and grow. 1. Linga Wine Linga Winery produces 8 fruit wines which are slowly fermented and contain no […]

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