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I hope you have started the year beautifully, with a smile on your face and plans of making life this year better. Speaking of plans, early in December, I started writing my plans for this year and most importantly about the blog. Like every blogger, I wish to grow. But I can’t achieve the growth on my own, I need all of you. So what better way to grow than to share my 2020 blogging goals and plans and keep you in the loop.

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2019 was good to me and this blog, although a few many times I slacked. But either way, I am so pleased with what I was able to achieve last year. My set goals last year was to achieve 4K views, get 200 followers and increase engagement of the posts through more comments and reposts. And all of those were achieved, in fact, was able to get 5K views. Which is good, and thank you to everyone that supported me.

Now it is 2020, new plans, new goals to be achieved. So what exactly am I aiming for, you might ask. Well, this:

  • I aim to get 15K views when the year comes to close. This shall mean that each month, I’ll need at least 1,250 views to make sure I get there.
  • Goal is to also get to 500 followers on the blog. And hopefully, 100 email subscribers as well.
  • Also, I need more engagement on the posts. Plan now is to get at least 10 comments on each post. So, do not be shy to always leave a little something after you read. I’ll be appreciating.
  • Social media growth is also integral for the goals. In fact, I love that a lot of my readers come from Twitter and Facebook.
  • I plan to travel more, to share more with you. 😉
  • For the most important thing that I want to introduce, a NEWSLETTER. I’ll be introducing this in a couple of days, or maybe today. But I’m so excited, which means I’ll need those email subscriptions a lot.

But other than that, the biggest goal is to be happy and share that with all of you. At the same time, I want to learn about your growth and help you celebrate the milestone.

This is me, can we do this?

Have you set your goals yet? Have you done your vision boards? I would like to hear them, so don’t be shy to write them down in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to like, share and follow the blog.

Stay blessed babies.


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