12 Ways To Boost Libido In A Relationship

ways to boost libido in a relationship

Libido or sex drive is the desire to have sexual activity. Sometimes, the sexual drive of an individual can shift lower, which can be problematic for the relationship. Thus, I wanted to help those that have a low sex drive, on the many ways how they can boost libido in their relationship.

Mind you, communicating with your partner about your shift of sex drive is important. It allows you to work on it as a team, and the journey becomes more worth it.

Here are some ways to boost libido:

1. Eat healthy

Ever heard of aphrodisiacs? These are libido boosting foods that help increase your sex drive. They also help with a good blood flow to your geniteria and helps build a healthy sex life.

Eating healthy means improving your hormonal levels which ultimately improves your libido.

Health experts state that eating foods that are rich in proteins, low sugar and a lot of greens will work wonders on your sex drive.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly works woonders, and some of you might already know this. People that exercise often improve their blood circulation which is helps with an erection.

It also increases one’s sexual confidence and also their sexual mood. Incorporate workouts that lowers stress, enhances body image, improves libido and strength.

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3. Check the contents of your prescription meds

Sometimes, it is the medication that you are taking that lowers your sex drive. Most medication have an impact on the hormonal levels.

For example, a great amount of birth control pills have an effect on women’s libido. You might need to check with your doctor to make sure that the pills you are taking do not have that effect,

4. Work on relationship issues

ways to boost libido in a relationship

When you have unresolved issues in your relationship, it could result in a low sex drive. Sometimes, as partners, you hold so much resentment towards each other over small issues that happen. If these issues remain unresolved for a long time, the resentment comes which causes low libido.

It is only after you resolve issues in your relationship that you can enjoy the sex in your relationship.

5. Bond with your partner

Remember the date nights you had during the first stages of your relationship? All you wanted to do was to spend time with each other and bond.But once you settle in the relationship, the date nights decrease and all you do is netflix and chill.

That becomes frustrating. The benefits of the date nights is to bond, and just learn each other. Imagine the leg rub during diner, the flirtatious looks. It all just arouses one and makes them look forward to the sex afterwards.

6. The power of foreplay

Sex is like a car’s engine. It just doesn’t start moving, it requires all parts to be in cordinaton in order to work. Same thing with the body.

More especially with women, they do not just get wet. a little play to fully arouse on is important to make sure thewhole body gets in tune.

Spending time on foreplay before sex ignites one’s sexual desire which increases libido.

7. Lubricate

Lubrication is very important. More so when the desire to have sex is there but the lady still is dry. Dry sex can be very uncomfortable and unenjoyable to your partner.

I speak for most women when I say it hurts as hell. Get lubricants, and if unavailable, saliva can also do the trick although not as significant.

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8. Decrease stress and anxiety

High stress and anxiety levels, as well as depression, will cause sexual dysfunction. This is because high stress or anxiety levels take away one’s desire to have sex and most times, unable to hold an erection.

Managing your work-life stress, and other responsibilies will help improve your sex drive.

9. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep not only increases your energy, but also helps lower your stress.

Research has shown that getting enough sleep increases the production of estrogen and testosterone which leads to a healthy sex drive and arousal.

Knew there was a good reason I love my sleep, lol.

10. Try herbal remedies

You’re probably thinking ‘hell no,’ but these have tremendous results when it comes to boosting your libido.

In Malawi, ngondolosi is one of the safest herbal remedy there is that boosts libido.

11. Sex therapy

Sometimes, you need a third party to help in boosting of libido in a relationship. Working with a sex therapist helps unveil both psychological and physical issues that are impending which are the causes of a low sex drive.

Thereapy can help resolve those issues.

12. Reduce cigarettes and alcohol

Taking alcohol and cigarettes mostly effects on how long one can keep an erection. This is because they are both dampen the mood and affect the heart’s health. That means that an increase intake will affect the blood flow to the geneteria and thus decreasing the sex drive.

But most of all, understand whether you’re partner is hypersexual or a hyposexual. A the same time, understand if it is an issue of sex drive or sex peak (menopause).

There are a few more tips that one can try to boost libido, if most of the natural ways do not work, then it is safe to meet your doctor.

Remember to comment any suggestions that you have as well. I would like to hear them all.


3 thoughts on “12 Ways To Boost Libido In A Relationship

  1. I would also add honest communication. Tell your partner what you want and how. It can be hard at first due to the fear of rejection or disappointing your partner, but that is the only way to really get the desired results in the bedroom. Really great article and kudos for braving such a delicate subject!

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