11 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is quickly approaching, with just 9 days left. With how fast the days seem to be going, you might be racking your head in search of the perfect one for your partner. They do say gifts are part of the love language. That is why I thought to compile these easy 11 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day to help you in deciding what you might just get and where to get them (only for those in Malawi). Some of the ideas are even DIY and thus, could make you save money without compromising.

11 gift ideas for valentine’s day

1. A Love Message or Poem

A personal way to fully express your feelings and emotions towards someone. This is one way to pour yourself completely. Don’t type it, pick a card and write it in your own handwriting. Or write a short poem, if you can’t, ask a friend who is a poet to write something for you. Other poets will charge you, but it is a small cost.

2. Roses, Chocolates and Wine

For Roses:

Find Crystal Florist on Facebook for those in Blantyre. They are located on Hannover Street, opp. Ryalls Hotel.

Evergreen Florist on Facebook for those in Lilongwe. They are located at Crossroads Complex.

For Chocolates:

11 gift ideas for valentine's day

AfroChoc, local chocolate manufacture, is the plug. Buy their custom made chocolates for Vals. Better yet, go make your hamper at only MK25, 000. Visit their website

For your wine:

The amazing Linga Wine, with a personal recommendation of their Strawberry flavour wine. You can find the wines at local supermarkets. For more info, visit their website

3. Pets

Before you buy, make sure you know if your person is a dog or cat person. Pets will always be like our children, and so are in their own way special to have around. In Blantyre, Blantyre SPCA is an NGO that looks into animal welfare, you could adopt a pet there.

4. Make a Music Compilation

This is something I like to do, I am an R ‘n’ B and pop person, and so find it fun when I make compilations. Throw in some love songs, a bit of erotica and funny music. Express your feelings through some of the music you love. Upload it on Soundcloud or Apple Music as a playlist, so that they are able to listen to it at any time of their choosing.

5. Shoes

Buy your man the snickers he has been tirelessly talking about, the one he has been dying for. Or get your girl some heels. Warp it up nicely and throw in a card too. @Hb_Halfmachine is a shoe plug

6. Wristwatch, a Locket Necklace, or a Key Chain

In Blantyre, you can get amazing jewellery from Dreamcraft Gems & Jewellers which is in Limbe.

In Lilongwe, get them at Gems & Jewellers Lanka Ltd. Check out their website

7. A Book

If your partner is a book worm, get them a book they can add to their shelf. Write a sweet message on either the first or second page of the book. Put a rose inside as well, just a bit of detail.

Kwa Haraba is one place that has a good selection of books for sale. Check out their Facebook page here

8. Lingerie or Boxers/Briefs

Need I explain more? Make them try them on while you see, you will thank me later. Couldn’t find a proper person selling. Will update later

9. A Painting or Just An Art

Imagine having an artist paint or draw your partner. How ecstatic would they be to be getting it? If that is too much work, then just get a piece of art they can hang on a wall.

10. Video Games

Mostly for men.

11. Dinner

Take them out on a romantic dinner, a lot of restaurants have special prices set for the day such as the Sunbird hotels and resorts, 21 Grill etc. Share a kiss through the night, and ehem.

If you ain’t ready for babies, then please be sure to get enough pills as you can to eliminate regrets later.

Now, go make your loved ones feels SPECIAL.

Have more ideas, share them in the comment sections below. Don’t forget to follow the blog too.


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