10 Reasons to Love Rainy Days


The air is finally crispy, the soil scent all over the atmosphere, the heaven’s tears falling, and we are forced to be stuck in the house. While most don’t like rainy days because it sometimes ruins plans, I love them. Malawi’s weather has been cruel recently. Talk about the drizzling and oh, as I write this, the weather is at 13° according to weather.com

Although such kinds of weather brings problems to my sinus and is a huge sport to those that have asthma, added with the teeth grinding, there is a beauty to rainy days. Summer is nice, but we have to appreciate winter too. So let’s get into it, here are my top reasons for loving rainy days.

1. Be lazy in bed and catch up on sleep, movies or books.

The bed becomes one of the most beautiful things you have ever laid eyes on, at least that’s how I see my bed nowadays. The mattress and all the covers suddenly look sexy and pull you in. It even feels better with a cup of hot coco, bagged chips with a great book or movie marathon.

2. Cuddle with your loved ones

This weather is what I like to call, The Baby Making Weather. Yes, I have a naughty mind and most of my fantasies have rain in the background. Just imagine, you and your partner locked up in the house the whole day, the rain creating somewhat of a background melody that makes you want to do the most with your bodies and have natural heat.

3. Breath in that fresh crispy air

The one great reason of loving the rainy days is just how fresh the air finally gets. Rain literally cleanses the air for us, almost the same as how we use air fresheners after our run to the toilet. After the rain, you can feel the crisps of the air as you inhale it, it tastes different in a good way.

4. Dress wierd and not give a damn

This is also the weather that allows you to dress up weirdly, because guess what we blame for our lack of fashion sense, the cold. I wear anything that will make me feel warm with no regard as to whether it makes sense or not. Also, it feels good to walk around and see that I am not the only weirdo around because a whole bunch of people do the same.

5. Do your gardening and leave the rain to water

Did I tell you how lovely it is to garden during these times? Super lovely. A few days ago, I transferred my baby plants to their beds. And so, instead of having to water them everyday, the heavens’ tears are doing just that on my behalf. All I have to do is sit back, have some herbal tea and relax.

6. Be creative

It is the best times to write, compose, paint or just be creative. Something about the rain brings in a sense of motivation, inspiration to be create a good piece of work. One of my favourite poem collections was written on a rainy day. Will share it soon.

7. Make that home-made food

For those that love to cook, a rainy day is a great day to prepare your favourite recipe or finally try out that new recipe you saw online. You can bake and just make your house smell like a sweet bakery. Unless if your from Malawi, cause you know Escom gonna be on your ass.

8. Shower in the rain

You can finally connect with nature, FULLY. Be a daredevil, wear a swim suit or be commando and just shower in the rain. Remember to do it in your backyard, wouldn’t want you scarring people. As kids, we would be in the terrains and pretend to be swimming, such glory days.

9. Rain gaze by the window

Just sit by your window and watch the rain slide. Blow steam to it amd write. It is silly, but fun in a way.

10. Tell scary stories to your kids

If you have kids, play hide and seek. Tell them scary stories and just cuddle. My mum and I always did this.

What are some of the things you like to do during rainy days? Comment below.

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