10 Gift Ideas For Her On Valentine’s Day

Having done a blog post about gift ideas for Him, it would only be right to also help the fellas with the perfect gift ideas for the ladies. Ladies can be sophisticated and so being very thoughtful to the gifts you get them is very important. Here are 10 gift ideas for her on Valentine’s Day.

P.S. This blog post contains a few affiliate links which could earn me a commission when you click and buy the products.

Let’s get right to it…..

1. Make-up or Hair

This is most girl’s favorite. Get her a full make-up kit or hair (100% hair). For example, you could get her this

10 Gift Ideas for Her on Valentine’s Day
Fenty Beauty Morrocan Spiced Eyeshadow Palette

2. Shoes

If you don’t believe in the myth that buying your partner shoes will make them walk out of your life, then this is a great gift. But first, you need to understand whether she is a heels or sneaker kind of girl. For heels, I’d so much recommend ASOS Shoes.

10 Gift Ideas For Girls
Tommy Hilfiger Luster Sneaker

3. Accessories

Most ladies love accessories, something that just finishes up an outfit. Examples of accessories you can buy are:

  • Jewelry
  • Scarves
  • Handbags
  • Hats
  • Watches
  • Stockings
  • Tights, etc

4. Clothes

Although this is my least favorite idea, but I know most ladies who love getting clothes from their partners. It could be a dress, or a whole outfit.

Could also get her a hoody (helps when you don’t want her stealing yours 😉).

5. Body Care Package

Girls like to take care of their bodies. It is important to us to always feel fresh and lovely. Thus, you can totally buy her all her favorite body care products. From bathing salts, body shampoo and so on.

Gift Ideas for Her
Coconut Body Care Package

6. Perfume

If you love you’re girl’s scent, then buy her the perfume she uses. Or better yet, an expensive brand that will leave her giddy.

Gift Ideas For Her
Dolce & Gabbana The

7. Books

If she is a reader, then books could be a good gift idea. Buy her inspiration books or novels you are certain she will love. Write in note inside, and do a simple thread wrap.

Books for your consideration:

  • Trevor Noah: Born A Crime
  • Michelle Obama: Becoming
  • Gabrielle Union: We’re Going To Need More Wine
  • Anthony Robbins: Awaken the Giant Within
  • Dalai Lama: The Art Of Happiness

8. Sweet Goodies

Everyone loves sweet goodies once in a while, and Valentine’s Day is one of the whiles. Visit your local bakery, get her some red velvet muffins, get her her favorite brand of chocolates or chocolate balls. And add whipped cream, you’ll thank me later 😉

9. Gadgets

You thought I was not going to throw this here yeah? Jokes on you. Girls loveeeeeeseeee gadgets. We love them so much. Get her a new phone, a smart watch, buy her gadgets!

10. Make Her Dinner

We just got done with the year of January and you could be low on cash and not be able to afford to buy her a proper gift. You can still show her you’re love by making her dinner. In fact, make her a three course meal.

Dim the lights, light up candles and throw roses around. Don’t have the dinner on the table, instead, throw some pillows on the floor and have it from there. Put some slow music and just dine away with your lady. You have no idea how much this would be appreciated.

Bonus Point: Make her a playlist

My ladies and lords, these have been 10 gift ideas for her on Valentine’s Day, I hope they will be a good guide as to what you can get her on the day. Don’t forget to accompany them with a bouquet of roses or any of her favorite flowers and a note too.

Now, go be lover boys.

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