23: A Poetry Collection by Louisa


Each year, on my birthday, I release a poetry collection as a way of celebrating new age and releasing of emotions. This year, I chose the title ’23’ because it is the new age I have embraced today. I hope you enjoy each word written, I hope you open your hearts enough to let the words fill in. Happy Reading!!


  1. Pisces
  2. Birds
  3. Prideful Hearts
  4. Empty Sheets
  5. Dancing
  6. Hide
  7. Drowning
  8. Hardest Thing
  9. Moments
  10. Hills
  11. Cigarette
  12. Bad Religion
  13. 23

If you feel like reading the collection later, you can download the pdf format here>>>

23: A Poetry Collection by Louisa Msiska


 I am a dreamer
 Often living in the clouds
 I get lost in my own world
 Sometimes, most times
 I am a lover
 I speak the language of passion
 Of wants and needs
 An understanding of what my body craves
 Of its weaknesses and strengths
 I am
 One who is very aware of my emotions
 My heart needs so much security
 For it is made of glass
 And one fall could break it all
 I am two fish
 Often divided by my fantasies and reality
 Often dreaming
 Often seen as crazy
 I am a Pisces 


 To be free as the birds
 And fly across the sky
 With no care of the world beneath
 To sing out pure harmonies
 In different octaves and ranges
 And have others envy
 To be marveled as a beauty
 Of golden wings
 And sultry eyes
 To live in the woods
 And enjoy the freshest air
 I want to be a bird 

Prideful Hearts

 We are two filled with pride
 We have watered our egos
 Seen them bloom
 With so much beauty 
 We grew our hearts
 To curse vulnerability 
 To curse feelings
 We are two in love
 But we will never say it
 We will never accept it
 Such barbaric act
 We rather hurt in secret
 We rather smile through the pain
 We rather pretend 
 These our prideful hearts
 Will be the death of us 

Empty Sheets

 They are cold
 They feel so void
 They used to be your favorite 
 Where your body once laid
 Is still neatly tucked
 Hoping you’d sneak in in the middle of the night
 Hold me tight 
 And all would be fine
 I hate empty sheets
 With my empty heart
 Longing for you to come home 


 Right by the dance floor
 My hand finds yours
 While the other grips your shoulder
 And yours rests on my waist
 Our faces just inches away
 Eyes locked on each other
 As we sway
 We allow the music to flow
 Our bodies slightly rubbing
 Settling our lust 


 This cave I live in
 Is where I hide 
 From all the emotions I carry
 Scared to love you
 This cave I live in
 Provides my heart’s safety
 From all the hurt and pain
 Scared you’ll hurt me
 This cave I live in
 Is my sanctuary 
 From you
 For you not to come in
 This cave I live in 
 Has made me miss out on you
 Made me miss out on love
 Loving you 


So many try
 To grasp moments of smiles
 And sheer happiness 
 Chasing the clouds
 For moments of love 
 And joy 
 Going up hills
 Praying for peace 
 And acceptance 
 While many try 
 So many of them
 Lose themselves to their demons
 Forget to smile
 Forget to love
 Forget joy
 Forget peace
 And just drown in the many faces 
 In their mind
 I’m drowning 

Hardest Thing

 The hardest thing I ever did
 Was let you walk out the door
 And not make you come back
 The hardest thing I ever did 
 Was never apologizing 
 When all you needed to hear was
 “I am sorry”
 The hardest thing I ever did
 Was let you cry and not hold your hand
 I let you self pity, made you feel inadequate 
 I made you feel like shit
 The hardest thing I ever did
 Was not to fight for you
 Never gave you reasons to stay
 I was never ready for you to stay
 But when you walked out the door
 And the house was filled with silence
 Your laughter and joy gone
 I realized
 The hardest thing I ever did
 Was never tell you I loved you
 Even though I did with all my soul 


 In this very moment
 I feel lost
 In this very moment 
 I feel my heart tightening 
 I feel tears well up in my eyes
 I feel completely shattered 
 In this very moment
 I write this poem
 A reminder of the pain 
 Of the sadness 
 In this very moment
 I wish you were here 


 The evergreen
 Spread towards the country
 Offering a scenery on a postcard
 They ease my mind
 Calming it of all vultures
 With birds chirping 
 Flowers blooming
 And the air singing
 I love the hills
 Their tranquility 
 Their calmness 

Like a cigarette

 Like a cigarette
 I want to be 
 Between your fingers
 I want you to slowly
 Inhale and exhale 
 Feel me as I 
 Intoxicate your mind
 Like a cigarette 
 I want to feel your lips 
 Tightly held on mine 
 Sweet and rusty
 To feel your pinch them
 In a sweet embrace 
 Like a cigarette 
 I want to be your addiction
 To always be on your mind
 During the good and bad times
 I want you to always have me near
 So I can feel your love 

Bad religion

 You are a bad religion 
 Had me on my knees
 Swinging my head back and forth
 Asking for forgiveness 
 You are a bad religion 
 Had me choking 
 With tears in my eyes
 Asking for forgiveness 
 You are a bad religion
 With the power in your arms
 Easily flipping me over
 As I ask for forgiveness 
 You are a bad religion 
 With your naked lies
 And sculpted body
 I ask for forgiveness 
 You are a bad religion
 Making me praise two gods
 Wild and loud screams as I let loose
 Finally being forgiven 


 I’m at the age where
 Everyone expects me to be stable
 Have a good job and be independent 
 Where I get asked about marriage
 Plans of babies and growing a family
 Where I get asked about money
 Having to support family 
 Where I get judged for still being odd
 It was meant to stay with my teens
 Yet here we are
 I’m an at age where
 I suddenly feel so old
 My eyes have bags underneath from all the stress
 Happiness still seems a myth 
 Or a fairytale I once believed
 I still never want to get married 
 But each day passes and my baby fever grows stronger
 I’m at an age where
 It all doesn’t make sense
 Yet makes so much sense 

Thank You!


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